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Verified Reviews for Fabric Outdoor Cat Shelf - Boogie Blue

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Outdoor cat shelf - Val, Cheshire,

The shelf arrived well packaged, and was very simple to fit. Not had a lot of use as it has been too cold. Very well made and sturdy for our growing kitten.

This reviewer has 1 British Shorthair pets

Brilliant Cat Shelves - Kay, Cheshire,

I am delighted with my Omlet Outdoor Cat Shelves, they are sturdy and attach easily to my Omlet Outdoor Enclosure. They are a generous size and so suitable for any size of cat. They have been thoughtfully designed - even having drainage holes in the fabric so the rain doesn't collect. My cats love them and I highly recommend them.

Verified Omlet Product Tester This reviewer has 2-4 Domestic Shorthair pets