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Good outdoor run. -

A nice run for my indoor cat to enjoy some time in safety outdoors. Not very easy to assemble. Took 2 of us five and a half hours. The bags of clips did not always have the same name as those on the instructions and I still don't know what you use the double clips for. Tightened it all up with cable ties afterwards because the clips leave it loose enough for a cat to (maybe) get his claws caught. However, it enables Ollie to enjoy the outdoors and is less obtrusive in the garden than the traditional wooden pens. I would recommend it and if I ever bought another one, hopefully, I could assemble it in half the time.

Really glad we bought this -

Have been looking for a safe outdoor solution for our indoor cats for a while and as we probably won’t be going in holiday this year decided to splurge on this, hoping that as It was dearer it wd be better quality. Happily it was worth it! Hassle free delivery (except cdnt take cardboard boxes to tip!) bit of effort assembling but definitely robust once completed and most importantly the cats love it which was a bit of a worry - Cos you know cats. It’s great we can now enjoy the garden, sit out and have bbqs without feeling mean on the cats. Hopefully it’ll withstand the winter weather but it doesnt look like it’ll rust. It also blends into the garden really well as the wire is thin and green so you can still see down the garden and it’s not an eyesore.

Best cat pen ever -

This is a fabulous pen and very sturdy and well made. It’s not cheap but it’s worth it. It took 2 seniors 6.5 hours to construct and we watched the videos the website... this is crucial as the enclosed directions are hard to understand. We built it on a vase so we were able to secure it to the decking with screws as a reviewer suggested. Cats really like it! I would highly recommend it!

Beautifully constructed Cat Pen -

My husband and I constructed this together and it took 6.5 hours. We watched the video which is critical! We also read reviews. We built it on a platform of decking so we were able to secure it to the base with screws that a reviewer suggested. Once we got going it went very smoothly! Our cats love it and are able to get in and out through a cat door we cut through a basement window. It was delivered very quickly! just a few days after we ordered.

Such a brilliant product! - Worcestershire,

This is our third walk in run - one for chickens and two for cats. This time, the run had to be adapted to go over opening French doors. With some clever adaptation by my husband, it was adapted with no extra parts, and works perfectly in this setting. While the run may seem expensive, it is the best looking, easiest, hard wearing and practical run you can buy. Really happy.

Really nice - Colorado,

Went together easily enough, although I don't think one person could build it alone. Now it's attractive, secure, and functional. I just wish there were a good way to padlock the door against hooligans.


My cats are so happy with their Omlet enclosure.It looks great in the yard and blends well with the trees and lawn. I highly recommend this product for anyone needing to keep their cats and small dogs safe

Well made and designed -

Our outdoor cat run arrived very quickly. Well made and designed It’s very well-made and designed, and does the job perfectly. The instructions, as other people have noted, are very basic and it took a day to build it but we are really pleased with the end result.

Fantastic product -

We were considering all kinds of custom or pre-built enclosures before we found the Omlet Catio. It turned out to be perfect for us. It is large, affordable, easy to assemble, sturdy, and it will be easy to take down and move (we are renting). We home-built a tunnel, connecting to a cat door we installed in a window. Our cat loves being able to come and go, and spending hours outside each day.

Terrific! -

Great product and not difficult to assemble (just open all the boxes and lay out all the parts first so you know what's what). It's given us the option to sit with the cats on sunny days (yes we sit in a cage in the garden :-) ) and this has made our two Abys much happier to be outside.

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