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Solved a big problem -

We had a very aggressive chicken who was pecking her flock mates vents and making them bleed - we were having to segregate them every day and I was desperate for a solution. These worked brilliantly- I took the advice to buy about 10 even though I only needed one as several broke on trying to attach but once we had one successfully in place the problem was eliminated. The aggressive behaviour continued for a short while but as she was no longer achieving her goal she seemed to forget about it and learned to live harmoniously alongside the other chickens. 6 weeks on we have removed the bit and there is no problem. Stopped us having to get rid of a problem hen - thank you

Bumpa Bit -

They appear to have been effective with less feather plucking. At the moment I can't guarantee the habit has been completely broken.


The first bit broke before we got it on. The second bit we got on our hen but she promptly pulled it off. So back to peepers. We’ll try the bits on younger birds.

Good product but beware! -

You need to buy 10 at least and have the right pliers otherwise you wont be able to fit them Only possible to have fitted with 2 people Once you fit it remember the middle of the beak has to have the middle of the bumpa bit in it. Google images helped me! Our hen had bad habit of eating feathers peking in order ti do so and after a month we took it off and she seems fine.

Not good -

I have bought bits from Omlet before and they were fab, however, every bit from the latest batch snapped when putting them on my hens. Hardly any pressure applied and they snapped straight away. Maybe it was a faulty batch. Got in touch with Omlet and they refunded me straight way and said they will investigate which is good service.

Omlet Says: Thank you for your review and for pointing out that there was a problem. Indeed it was a faulty batch and it has been duly reported to our supplier. The problem is now fixed: the new stock has been quality checked. Thanks again for your feedback, The Omlet team.

A necessary evil. - Pembrokeshire,

Absolute last resort to sort out a feather pecking problem. We had our own pliers, and I can't imagine how I'd have have got it on without. As it was the first attempt broke the clip. So buy more than you think you need. The clip is very hard and brittle plastic. Necessarily so or the chicken would be able to get it off in no time. Warm the clip first in a cup of hot water and the job is a lot easier. It's a tricky job that needs two people, but not as bad as I feared.

Bumpa Bit Works! -

Bumpa bit has worked well. We had a problem with a hen eating eggs. After fitting the Bumpa bit she has now got out of the habit which has saved her life basically as she was a real nuisance.

Does exactly what it said it would -

The clip are easy to it after a little practice, make sure you tuck the chicken under your arm and hold it tight. You will need to hold the neck of the bird, but not too tight, so as to fit the clip. The fitting of the clips can be done by one person with a little confidence. Time will tell I'd the feather pecking will stop.

They Work! - Worcestershire,

Rather worrying to use for the first time but having read all hints given on line nowhere near as bad as thought it would be - Martha stopped trying to get the bit out by the next day and ate happily with it in - would recommend to anyone have pecking problems.

amazingly effective -

We got 3 new POL hens a month ago, and the smallest one was viciously attacked by the others, pulling the feathers out from her neck, drawing blood and removing the skin on the scalp. Brutal, we didn't think she would survive. We tried the bumpa bits as a last resort, when anti-pecking spray had failed, and we were far from convinced that a little bit of plastic would work. We separated them initially, and then put on the bumpa bits onto the two bigger hens - definitely a 2 man job, but easier with the bits warmed up (to make them more flexible). We had the circlip pliers but found them trickier to use than fingers. Went through several, as even when they were successfully on, our hens could flick them off with their feet, but eventualy they stayed on! After 24 hours we re-united the birds in the same pen, and while there was a little chasing about, no pecking at all. Within a few days they were behaving normally, and after two weeks we removed the bits (needed 2 people and the circlip pliers to do that, much too fiddly for fingers!) and there has been no further trouble. Astonishingly, our badly wounded bird has survived, and they all seem very comfortable with each other. Given the brutality of the pecking at the start I was really surprised that this would work, but really pleased, thank you omlet.

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