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Verified Reviews for Bumpa Bits Circlip Plier Set

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Bumpa bits.. - Alec,

Had an issue with a few bits breaking whilst trying to fit.but after speaking to Omlet,they dealt with it replacing bits,obviously not there fault as plastic,great customer care,replacements worked which was amazing,as the bully chicken is now the lovely chicken that was ....happy flock..happy customer..great service well done guys

Verified Purchase: Jul 2018

A must for fitting the clips - Tony,

This tool is a must to help fitting the clips on the birds. It also has many other uses around the home.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2016


We had a problem with one chicken constantly pulling feathers out of one chicken in particular. We tried every anti pecking spray on the market to no avail.We the tried the beak rings which stopped the problem for a few days then she was back pulling feathers out. We purchased the bumpa bits, problem solved she still tries to pull feathers but cannot manage it would highly recommend these.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2016

Bumpa bits pliiers - Michelle,

Without these pliers it would be nigh on impossible to fit the bumpa bit which is made of very rigid plastic (would think this is necessary so the chicks cannot remove them). However there were no instructions and it took a while to work out which attachment to use and then actually took a while to fit because of a lack of experience in using them and of course you are worried about injuring your chicken.By the second one it was easier! But without these I would have had to re-home at least one of my chickens who was really bullying my new girls and these bumpa bit absolutely did the trick.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2017

No instructions - Christine,

The problem was that the plier set did not come with any instructions. I dare say it makes sense when you work out how to use it but it is not intuitive.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012