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brilliant product -

I used this to allow healing and feather regrowth in quail hens that have been over-mated hence had all their feathers plucked from their heads. they were healed and happy in no time. I use it for all minor injuries and they heal so fast. checked it out on my eczema and it is very soothing too!

Awful -

Worst purchase I have ever made. My little Cuckoo (silver Sussex) was being pecked near the tail so put this on the area at bedtime. Awful, the following day I felt so cruel that I had done so a horrible thing to her. The others hated it & her for it & really bullied her, so what went from a little peck went into a full scale bully. I wiped off what tar I could & used one of had Hi Viz Vests bought from Omlet, to protect the area for her - this worked. So would I recommend the tar - only for resurfacing a driveway.

An excellent product! -

This product is brilliant for covering up bare skin caused by feather pecking issues. It is antiseptic so it helps sore skin and unlike many anti pecking sprays it stays put for longer. The fact that it is totally unpalatable means that bullies are deterred from continuing to target that patch. Keep away from the vent/eyes and beak though.

Very stickey, but didn't solve the problem - Gloucestershire,

This was almost the last resort to the problem I''ve had with all 4 of my girls. 2 of the chooks have been pecking each other and the other two - one of them - Sylvia, had no feathers left round her bottom, neck or legs. I got a brush and painted the Stockholm tar on all areas of all the birds. A very sticky job and is very difficult to get off clothes etc, but it doesn't smell unpleasant. I did this every other day, just reapplying. However, after 2 weeks it hasn't stopped them at all. It does calm the skin down a bit if it was sore. So now I am separating the two worst offenders and see if that makes a difference.