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Verified Reviews for Lincoln Purple Spray - 250ml

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Does what it says it will - Louise, Middx,

Got this in anticipation of introducing new hens to my current ex batts. However day it arrived one of my ducks had caught her neck on a bramble so it was used immediately. Very easy to use, no aggravation for her and no unwanted interest from her room mates despite the bright purple colour. Unfortunately I also sprayed my husband's jumper, it doesn't wash out so beware! FYI have had smooth introduction of new hens and haven't had to use it there!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2018

Does the job, very good price - David,

worked a treat for me in helping to heal a new hen of a few minor wounds caused by being pecked by other hens whilst the pecking order was being sorted, the purple coloring also works perfect for disguising any minor bleed/wounds(though the dye is very strong so wear rubber gloves and aim well)

Verified Purchase: Apr 2013

did the job - Bayliss, Suffolk,

did the job but very messy and hard to wash off your hands

Verified Purchase: Apr 2013

Excellent - Peter,

An excellent product it certanlly helped a lot with minor wounds caused by feather pecking,one tip remember to wear your gloves.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2012

Works fine - Carol,

Have had to use it on a couple of occassions and the wound has healed. However, beware! The purple colour stays on chicken for quite some time. One of the girls had her comb pecked so we put a touch of this onto it - poor Dora's head still has a purple patch after 2 weeks. Use outdoors and always wear gloves!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2014

brilliant! - Vanessa,

Product was great for treating the wounds and deterred other chickens from pecking area as the sore red skin was masked.

Verified Purchase: May 2012

Excellent! - Tamara,

I used this on one of my chickens after she was pecked so much one night she was red raw & bleeding. It was easy to use, covered the wound well and because it is bright purple the other chickens could no longer see the blood and therefore didn't continue to peck at it. Her back healed well with only one application, so I would definitely recommend chicken owners to have this product in their cupboard!

Verified Purchase: May 2012

Reduced pecking and helped healing - Darron,

One of our chucks was being bullied and had a few feathers plucked from her back, leaving some sore red patches. As chickens can't seem to help but peck at anything red, she kept getting pecked and didn't get the chance to heal. This purple spray disguised any sore red patches, cutting down the pecking and giving her chance to mend. We used this with an anti-peck spray too.

Good stuff - Colin,

Seems to heal AND soothe. Our other chooks are obviously not so attracted to the colour purple so little Vera is getting a chance to recover and grow back her tail feathers.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

Very Purple - Anne,

Does the job, helps the healing.SpolsH

Verified Purchase: Sep 2013

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