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Verified Reviews for Lincoln Purple Spray - 250ml

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Stopped the pecking! - Lynnep,

This worked brilliantly, in covering the red area on a pecked ex-bat. She was able to grow her feathers back without any more stress.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2011

purple spray - Kay,

Excellent item to have works so well, makes the chickens a pretty colour too and me. A great item to have in the pets first aid box.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2011

used on burst blister on foot - David,

excellent - little red hen with purple feet but it has worked amazingly

Verified Purchase: Jan 2013

purple spray - Debi,

great stuff- worked a treat but a bit messy- I ended up being purple as well !

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Good stuff - Heather,

Worked well helped to heal rear ends and disguised the red so helped to stop further pecking.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

versatile - Sara,

Worked brilliantly on the hens but more usefully healed a cut on the dog's tail, thereby saving me an expensive trip to the vets. Yes it does stain clothing but washed off (with the help of some Vanish).

Verified Purchase: Sep 2010

Purple spray - Sue,

Good products, I could tell by the chickens behaviour they perked up after it was applied.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Great - Lisa,

No problems with this spray from the point of view of getting it on - managed to spray it on the required area without any mess (what have previous reviewers been doing with it I ask myself?!). And it gives a nice Goth touch to Alys, my lovely Miss Pepperpot. Have yet to see if it will stop her pecking her own feathers but I will try the anti-peck spray if it doesn't.

good all rounder - An Omleteer,

A little tricky to put on without geting it everywhere, but it is a good all round product that not only helps wounds, but seems to have put the other chicken off pecking the one it was applied to! Does seem to stain white feathers, but I quite like the new look, bit like a purple rinse! I definitely recommend gloves and an apron for putting it on though!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2010

Purple Rats - An Omleteer,

Brilliant Spray,Turned 2/4 of our White Rats purple LOL...Really glad i wore gloves though :-/

Verified Purchase: Jan 2012

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