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Verified Reviews for Johnsons Anti Pek spray 100ml

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Anti peck spray - Sarah,

I brought this item hoping it was to spray on furniture and walls to prevent my female budgie chewing. It stopped her destroying the wallpaper but my boy budgie licks it off ????

Verified Purchase: Nov 2019

Worked a treat - Hannah,

My poor girl was clearly loosing feathers due to the restrictions placed upon her, unsure whether it was self harm or the others/Reggie the cockeral doing it either way one evening and one morning of spraying and we have perfect plumage.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

Excellent - Ann,

Excellent - this stopped the pecking problem straight away.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2011

Seems to have stopped the tail end blood baths - Heather,

Anti peck seems to have had the desired effect and the rear ends have healed up

Verified Purchase: Feb 2020

Great product - An Omleteer,

This certainly stopped Selma being henpecked by Patty - and she looks so much happier now. Would certainly recommend it.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

anti-pek spray - An Omleteer,

i was desperate after giving a home to three ex-battery hens i found that one was being continually bullied by one of the others. this was my last resort and i have to say it has worked - all three are now very happily getting along. would definitely recommend if having problems with the pecking order of your hens.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2010

Anti Pek Spray - An Omleteer,

Surprisingly effective! My hen with a tendency to peck has been suitably shocked into submission by the awful taste and the pecked hens finally have a sprinkling of new feathers peeping through their poor little bald heads! Had almost got to the point of making them little tin helmets to wear!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Anti Pek Spray - An Omleteer,

Did exactly what it was supposed to do. Stopped one of my chooks from being bullied.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2009

Anti peck spray - An Omleteer,

Really good my chickens have stopped pecking each other but i found that some of the antipeck spray drips down the bottle and goes on my hand which mean when i bite my nails i get a horrid taste in my mouth, haha i don't mind to much - just hard to get it off my hands.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2009