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Verified Reviews for Johnsons Anti Pek spray 100ml

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OKay smell wise but didn't stop the pecking - Mandy,

This product was alot better than others that I have tried in that it is white/colourless and therefore my white Sussex didn't look like she had been rolling around in the mud when sprayed but it didn't really stop the pecking, its still happening although perhaps the perpetrator is put off slightly - hopefully?

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

anti pek spray - Jane,

Have used this product a few times, seems to have worked sometimes, as my "pecker" hen will still have a go at my other hen. Great quick delivery will use omlet again.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2015

buy it from a shop - Susan,

Not sure if the product works yet - but if you feel like trying it then see if you can buy it from a shop. A lot of it spilled out of ours in the post....which was smelly, wet, and not good value!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2017

Anti Pek Spray - An Omleteer,

I bought it as my new hens were being bullied, but by the time it arrived the pecking order had sorted itself out. But will keep it as a standby.

Verified Purchase: May 2014