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Verified Reviews for Battles Gentian Violet Spray - 240ml

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Great product - very messy application - Martin,

I used this after one of our chickens started losing feathers to another, leaving bald red patches. It stains the sprayed area purple as well as acting as an antiseptic on any open wounds. The purple colour dissuades the other chickens from wanting to peck away at the sore area. Within a few days of using it feathers had started to regrow and within a couple of weeks the chicken had fully recovered. The only problem with this product is the awful applicator bottle it comes in. It's impossible to spray anything without it going all over your hands. If you haven't got gloves on you can expect at least a few days of purple hands!

good product - An Omleteer,

My poor cat had a wound to foot and used gentian violet spray to help the healing - only problem was the noise the spray made when pumped out of the bottle - after two squirts cat ran off!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Works! - Kim,

Bought some of this for red chicken bottoms after pecking. It disguised the redness and provided good coverage for antiseptic purposes so their poor bald botties didnt suffer any more. You will need gloves as it squirts on your hands as well as the chicken!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2012

Recomended from omlet forum - Lorraine,

Haven't had cause to use this product yet..Thankfully.As always delivery great.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2011