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Reviews for Autodoor Attachment Kit for Eglu Cube Mk1

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Easy and secure -

I’m so happy to finally received my Auto door! So easy to install. I installed it on my wooden coop. The kind of coop that you buy as a kit and put together. I’ll sleep good tonight knowing this door is on and secure. It’s closed at sundown as expected. Can wait for it to open when so my ladies can come out of the house when they are ready instead of waiting for me. Again. So easy to install (one note, I used a 6.4mm drill bit because that’s the biggest I had and that worked vs the 7mm the instructions said to use.

Best Buy Time saver -

We are so happy with our auto door as it will keep us and our chickens happy no more walking outside to open and close them in and they won’t have to wait for us to get up Took a bit to understand settings but got there and managed to set for our time to open and close Very easy to fit and operate Looks good too Would like a remote if this ever comes as upgrade

Auto Door - Michigan,

Love this! Allows my chickens to be safely tucked away at night if I do not happen to be home by dark. Do not have to be awake at the crack of dawn to let them out.

Just brilliant -

So much aggro trying to get teenage sons ( and husband .) to put chickens away when I’m at work! All solved... and I can even risk an extra hour in bed on a weekend. Chicken keeping now giving the joy I had hoped...wish I d bought it 4 yrs ago.

Wish I had bought one earlier -

Bought the auto door and conversion kit for our Mk 1. The instruction book seemed a bit daunting and there is no video showing the fitting to a Mk1. In reality installation was more straightforward than we had feared. We have also enjoyed watching the bedtime routine of the chickens. Strongly recommend

Needed For The MK 1 -

This product works well and is need for the automatic door to fit the MK 1 Eglu Cube (has been designed primarily for the MK 2 - after watching the YouTube video it seems easier to fit the automatic door to the MK1 (with this kit) than the MK2 (just our opinion!!). Easily ordered on-line and was delivered quickly.

Brilliant -

I have just purchased the cube, and also the automatic door. I just love it and it is so easy to set up Much easier than the chicken guard timer that took ages to get right, It doesn’t really matter what colour you choose as you don’t see it as it’s on inside of our new cube. Well impressed

Great bit of kit -

This has made our lives so much easier! We got the door and the 2 bits of kit to convert for Mk1 Cube.

Revolutionised Chicken Keeping! -

Ok, the road to receiving this product was far from smooth (surprised Elodie didn’t self-combust because of all the problematic issues along the way!) but, oh my goodness, it was worth the extremely long wait! We’re far from lazy, but the advantages gained through not having to be around to let the chickens out or lock them away safely cannot be underestimated: how did we survive without this? Absolutely wonderful!