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Excellent buy -

I have been really pleased with this arc. It was relatively easy to assemble despise my original misgivings. It is easily accessible to refil the food and water supply. It is also relatively easy to move around.It is also pleasant to look at as part of the garden furniture. I can recommend it to anyone looking for such a product for their own use.

Highly Recommended Coop -

We started keeping chickens over 5 years ago & bought a henhouse online ... I was very disappointed in it from the start, poorly planned, splintery wood & unwieldy to move and clean. Despite running repairs, new felting etc, 5 years on it was only fit for the bonfire. We'd spent a lot of time noting down what would go towards the perfect chicken house. Then we found the Boughton online ... this was basically everything we'd wanted plus a couple of enhancements. When it arrived ... really wonderfully packaged ... I was very impressed by the quality of the wood and the finish ... more like garden furniture than a shed, smooth and well planed. Everything fitted together as it should. The only modification I felt necessary was to move the anchor point for the cord much further down the "drawbridge" ... simple mechanical principles ... making it easier to raise at bedtime. Other than that, we are delighted with it, as are our girls. We let them have free range in the orchard, but their pellets and water are kept suspended within their run; we are losing a lot less feed to garden birds now! Very impressed by Omlet's customer service ... we found a large knot in one piece of wood which weakened the structure. An email to Omlet resulted in a whole replacement section arriving by courier the next working day! All in all, highly recommended for a small flock of mid sized birds, practical, well thought out and executed and even attractive to look at.

Hen coop. -

Highly recommend. Very easy to assemble, didn't need any help. Strong and sturdy. Easy to clean and the hens love it. Many thanks.

Boughton Chicken Coop -

Hi..... Any one that knows me, will say I'm the man you can never please.... I'm the worst client to work for, as I require everything to be perfect.. so.....I have just received my first Boughton Chicken coop.... and have to say I was rather concerned as to what would arrive. Flat pack items are normally created on jigs that never give you the same quality as the original..... however..... this was not the case with the Boughton chicken coop.... the whole construction has been worked out to the last millimetre .... I loved putting it together .... and couldn't wait to post this review..... well done Omlet.....

Very pleased. -

We ordered a Boughton chicken coop to replace our existing coop, as it had started falling to bits. The new coop came the day it was promised and it took us 55 minutes to put together. That included drilling the holes right through on the handles to make fitting them easier. We also replaced the two hooks on the top for the ramp with some a little more solid. Other than that we were very pleased. the chickens love their new home and are happily laying eggs straight away. Would recommend this Coop every time. Many thanks.

Excellent -

This coop gives my girls more shelter and space than my ol Forshsm ark. Combined with the fence they are happy and secure. :-)

Excellent quality -

I have broken my rule of not posting reviews (cos I don't have time) given that this has been such a great purchase. Not the cheapest on the market, but you get what you pay for, it is reassuringly solid, lovely looking and does the job perfectly. The various removable sections make cleaning very easy and that fact that you can just lift it up and move it is another positive. The only slight criticism is that the knot on the rope you use to pull up the steps seems to slip so I spend a bit of time faffing with that.

Excellent product -

Slightly different to the one I had 11 years ago but still providing my girls with luxury accommodation! took 2 hrs not 1 to assemble and not too much fffffing and blinding! But takes 2 people to do it.

Quality Product! -

The ark arrived as per agreed date and was very easy to assemble. I am so impressed by the build quality and by how it fits together. I would not hesitate recommending this to anyone who wants a good, solid home for their chickens. Well done Omlet for selling Forsham arks.

Sturdy, Attractive, Everything You Could Want! - staff,

As a first time chicken keeper, I wanted a coop that was robust and would be easy to use/clean. I came across this chicken coop and was pleased how multi-functional it was. If I had to criticise something on the coop it would be the delivery. Our Boughton took 23 days for delivery, but overall it was worth the wait. I think this coop is perfect for first time chicken owner and I would thoroughly recommend it!

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