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Great product and service - CORNWALL,

Perfect for identifying the girls before their characters fully developed within the group.

leg ring -

lovely like these more than the other types.

just the thing! -

Perfect way to 'label' your chickens, either so you can get to know them individually, or to distinguish them from your neighbours hens. Nice and flexible - just pull spring apart, place over leg and twist until it in place. No sharp edges on these rings and hens haven't pulled or scratched at them so I guess they are not irritable! Would buy again if placing an order for something else.

Good product -

Very good product I am very pleased with my purchase

spiral leg rings -

I ordered 2 of all colours and will never put these on my hens, there are sharp edges on them.

Easy to put on -

Really easy to put on and we named the chooks based on the colours, clover has a green leg band and we know it is her.

a super cheap product from omlet -

nice way to tell your gals apart! easy to stick on- chooks seems unaware they are there ...great

leg rings -

good value for money,makes it easy to distinguish my chickens,as they all look very similar.Coul perhaps expand the colour range,I have 4 chooks so just right for me!