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Verified Reviews for Electrifiable Chicken Netting - Set of 5 Poles

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Good - Tracey,

Arrival time was quick

Verified Purchase: Jul 2011

Really pleased I bought these - John,

We bought these in addition to the 25 metre poles and mesh - works really well now... holds the netting much more taught and hence more secure. it has allowed us to have more odd shapes as we move the 25 metre pen around the garden - worth the money - Great service from Omlet team on this one too when i phoned in - many thanks.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2018

Chicken netting poles - Ruth,

Fine thanks - they were definitely needed

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Adds more flexibility with the fence. - Julia,

Good to have extra pole for added flexibility in placing the fence.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2016

Far to flexible - Brian,

These are the same poles that are supplied with the netting all are just far too flexible. Unfortunately I seem to have a garden that is a turfed over quarry and getting even a garden fork in is a trial. Trying to get these poles in the ground is almost impossible (for us) because they bend so much you think they will break and being plastic you can't use a mallet. When they are in, over time they sag with the weight of the net and you have to reposition them and the whole thing starts again.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

ok - Janet,

Poles 5 star arried safely and delivered efficiently but It would be nice if every pole was supplied with a ring / clip to attach pole to netting. Obviously a misunderstanding on my behalf.

Verified Purchase: May 2010

fencing - Robert,

Great product.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2012

Chicken netting - spare poles - An Omleteer,

I bought the 25m chicken netting in June 2008 when I first started chicken keeping. I used it to cordon off sections of lawn to stop it turning into a mud bath during the wet, cold winter period. My hens remained freerange during the winter (with the exception of very wet, windy weather) and while this worked well on the whole, my hens managed to push their heads under the netting between two consecutive poles thereby decimating more of the grass. The extra poles will be used to fill those gaps and hopefully by next Spring I will end up with a more usable lawn area ready for the fresh Spring growth.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2011

Netting Poles - An Omleteer,

I bought these as I don't think sufficient poles had been supplied with the run netting when I purchased it originally, so these were to get rid of the sagging expanses of net where I'd temporarily shored them up with canes. A sagging net is an invitation for your hens to hop it! The newly-purchased poles came without the bottom caps which was a bit of a surprise?

Verified Purchase: Sep 2009