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Electric fencing - Rose,

It works better with poles only a metre apart. It looks nice but our hens are working out how to get out and in some places we have had to use tent pegs to secure it to the ground. One of our hens jumps on to the top of the eglu and is planning on flying over when she has plucked up courage. but it is easy to move around so overall a good product withslight reservations.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2012

Good for so long! - Marggie,

have had my hens only since Jan2011. They have learned how to get out! There needs to be more poles to get the best use of shape and space a gate would be really useful too. I enjoy my hens but they do test for weaknesses. I have had to use tent pegs to keep it more secure at the bottom. I have used chip barking and garden to give them the best free range, but like children they test the boundaries!! You also need to watch out after heavy rain as the netting really dips in the middle and the little angels can even when clipped jump/flyover. Maybe a more rigid top would work better? Regardless of all comments am a very happy hen owner:)

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

Chicken netting and extra poles - Ruth,

They do the job but the poles are rather flimsy - could do to be stiffer to hold up the netting. The extra poles are definitely necessary.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

as described - Janice,

Not as easy to handle as anticipated, difficult to keep it tight, poles could be firmer.

Chicken Netting - An Omleteer,

Did a good job for the first week, then hens discovered it was low enough for them to get over. Product very well made though.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2010

Chicken netting - An Omleteer,

On the whole a good product,one of our girls has tried to escape but has only succeeded once and that was due to us not securing the bottom rather than any fault in the net. The only real problem we have had is with one of our Cocker Spaniels who has managed to crochet herself into the net and at one point nearly strangled herself, (she is after the food not the chickens!) It has taken quite some time to untangle her on both occassions. A real pain in the dark, I can tell you! So a warning for any of you with stupid dogs. Keep an eye on them. The length of the netting is more than ample for the normal garden and we have had to cut ours down to a more reasonable size for our garden. As a short term measure its fine, but we have now decided that we are going to make the chicken area much more secure with chicken wire around wooden frames. Wood I buy it again? No, it's an expensive piece of kit and I think we will be better off with good old chicken wire. If you want to move it around a larger garden then it might be right for you. Delivery and quality of service from Omlet was, as always prompt and excellent.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

50m simply cut in half! - An Omleteer,

Was miffed to find that this 25m length is just a 50m length cut in half - there are no sealed or finished ends to the wiring at one end - nor a pole to support it. When attached to an electric fencer unit, these sticking out ends will shock anything/anyone passing. There is nothing to stop the cut metal strands from unravelling over time either. Had I known this was not a completely sealed/finished unit, I would have bought the 50m length, cut in half myself and had 2 small compounds for little more in cost. The extra support poles are essential - especially as you'll need to use up 2 at the cut end to form a stable gate entrance. Invest in a £1 bag of plastic camping pegs and some guy ropes before it arrives - you'll need them.

Verified Purchase: Sep 2009

Chicken netting - An Omleteer,

The netting is fine, shame about the poles. They are not too bad when the netting is in a straight line but hopeless when used at a corner. I had to use additional metal poles at my corners.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

Needs extra poles and pegs - An Omleteer,

A great start to securing our chickens in their allotted section of our orchard, but needed a number of tent pegs and some additional poles to really stand up to the wind. Overall, very pleased but wish tent pegs and a few extra poles were included in the pack. No regrets about buying it now we have customised it.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

A worthwhile investment. - An Omleteer,

We were suprised how far we could stretch 25 meters. The netting itself is sophisticated enough with wires weaved in (so that it can be used as an electric fence). However, the poles could be stronger. It is also a bit fiddly when moving the netting around, especially as we have rather chalky soil- so a bit difficult to push the poles in completely at places. Having said all these, we've been using it since our chooks arrived.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2013

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