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Great ...... But - Partridge,

I love this netting and my Chickens are very happy being able roam outside the coop. Very easy to move and assemble. But I have three Chihahuas and Mr Chops decided that if he launches himself hard enough he can get through the netting to be with the girls. So I have to watch him as I dont want him to strangle himself by accident. I would have liked a few more ground hooks to stabalise the netting as well. Otherwise a good product and would recommend.

Verified Purchase: May 2014

Good quality - King,

Good quality fencing, I would agree with other reviews, it does need poles closer together (so more of them) or some tent pegs recommended or sold with it as the chickens can definitely get underneath if used as it is currently sold.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2016

Extra poles make allthe difference. - Martin,

The additional poles supplied make all the difference to this netting, and are an extra bonus living on a windy hill, Thanks

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

Very Good - John,

Just what we were after. The hens now are able to forage in the bit of the garden we are not trying to grow flowers and vegetable in!!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Our hens enjoy their freedom - David,

A very easy to use and move product which has been useful in giving our hens the freedom to roam in a restricted part of the garden, as a result we have happy hens! The only downside is that 1 of the hens can get over the fence but having done it once or twice she only seems to show off this trick when we are close at hand.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

Just what we needed - Judi,

This is much easier to move around than we thought it would be, so ideal for moving with our Go and run from one part of the garden to another, for the chickens to lay waste anew! The spikes go into our stony ground without much trouble. It would be better still if the poles were a bit sturdier, but they stand up pretty well and so far, after 5 weeks, our two haven't escaped either over or under.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2017

An easy way of giving your chickens more space - but not really a substitute for a large run - Martyn,

The netting is well constructed with its inner core of wire. The extra poles are a welcome addition in terms of security; nevertheless we have also placed tent pegs midway between them to ensure no one enters or leaves the enclosure. We are fortunate in having a large garden and we bought the netting in order to give our chickens additional freedom - which they so enjoy. However it has become apparent that they will excavate however much ground you offer them. So for this reason we plan to build a dedicated run with chippings. We had hoped that the netting would obviate this - but clearly not so. In addition it becomes a bit of a chore moving the netting every few days. These remarks do not I hope detract from the quality of your product. As novice poultry keepers we have been greatly impressed by the quality of your products and also the support on offer - particularly from Barbara.

Expensive and not really effective! - Sigi,

Good length for big garden and extra poles help, although could possibly do with another 2 - it depends on configuration in your garden. My hens do escape from it though (fly over even with clipped wings). We use it more to keep the bark on our borders, which they keep digging out! (We forgive them easily though!) A gate option would be handy, too. I guess if the aim was to keep the chickens in, it has failed on that front which renders it a waste of money for us as I'm sure we could keep the bark in the borders another way! It did keep them in for the first couple of weeks but I think the hens have just got clever!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

Good netting - has contained chickens successfully! - Andrew,

Bought this netting after buying some stuff from B&Q which was too low and the chickens learnt to jump over it. Has proved very useful in stopping at least some of our garden from looking like a bombsite! Whilst the netting itself is pretty good, 25m is a huge length and far too big for most gardens so it would be better if a smaller length, say 15m was sold giving a cheaper option.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2010

OK but a bit pricey - Pam,

Although there are extra poles there still wasnt enough for the length of the netting causing it to hang in places. It also seems to stretch very easily and therefore sag in places. Probably wouldn't buy again but would go for something stiffer.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2017

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