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Extra poles make allthe difference. - Martin,

The additional poles supplied make all the difference to this netting, and are an extra bonus living on a windy hill, Thanks

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

makes moving the chicken area really easy - Tina,

I bought some stiff fencing material at the local building supply and it was a real pain to move and set up, in fact nearly impossible to reposition. The Omlet fencing is expensive but worth the ease with with it allows me to change the fenced area for my girls. I can get in and out just by moving one pole. I can set up a completely new area in less than 10-15 minutes and if I am careful about making sure there are no gaps at the bottom or on the sides where it meets the wall they don't escape. I did clip one wing so they can't fly over and I attached some stiff fencing to the top of the Omlet run so they can't fly to the top of the run.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2011

Very Good Product - Chris,

We purchased this netting to give our chickens a bigger run but contain them from ruining the rest of the garden. It has worked a treat and the chickens are very happy to be able to wander around and not get into mischief. The poles mean that we can change the shape of the run at any time and its a perfect size for a medium sized garden. We bought from omlet as we had searched the shops and found omlet to be the cheapest and provide more poles with the length we wanted, which are needed. Would recommend to anyone wanting a flexible run.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2010

An excellent product - Laura,

This is an excellent product. It is easy to set up and move and does the job.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2010

Excellent - Kate,

This is excellent, looks good and can be made very stabvle with some cheap wooden posts. I wanted something semi permanant as i live in a rented house. So I have hammered wooden posts next to the metal posts in order to make it a bit more secure. But I love it, very easy to put up too, and pleasing to the eye.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2014

Very Good - John,

Just what we were after. The hens now are able to forage in the bit of the garden we are not trying to grow flowers and vegetable in!!

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Our hens enjoy their freedom - David,

A very easy to use and move product which has been useful in giving our hens the freedom to roam in a restricted part of the garden, as a result we have happy hens! The only downside is that 1 of the hens can get over the fence but having done it once or twice she only seems to show off this trick when we are close at hand.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

Worth every penny! - Julie,

We originally had a handmade fence (bamboo poles and chicken wire) to keep our girls off the patio, but it was a mere 2 feet tall which was nothing to the most determined of them! After a few weeks of constantly having to chase them around and put them back over about 5 times a day, we invested in this Omlet fence and have never looked back. Easy to put together and install and no 'Great Escapes' since it went up. The flexibility of the poles means climbing over to feed and water them is no problem either.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Great Product - Judy,

Well designed and very easy to erect.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

Excellent - Maralyn,

Really pleased with the netting. They are easy to use and position anywhere.The extra poles came in very useful.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2010

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