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Very Good - An Omleteer,

This is a definite buy if you have a gardener that goes crazy when all his beautiful buds are ruined. We bought this and my chickens are very happy and don't moan that they don't have enough space! A very good buy.

Good Product - An Omleteer,

Like the previous reviewer we were intending on using this as a stop gap whilst we plugged the boundaries of our garden. Instead we used it to create a large triangle of land using two trusted boundaries the netting with the eglu in the middle. It works perfectly - I was originally sceptical that this would not be high enough - it is. Also it is plastic coated wire so it is reasonably strong

Verified Purchase: Nov 2012

Chicken lovers "must have" accessory - An Omleteer,

We originally bought this as a short term solution whilst we chicken proofed our garden boundaries. We put the two end poles at either side of the front of the Eglu, through the footing to create an al fresco extension to the run when the door is open. The girls love it and are happy to stay out all day with the security of being able to return to the protection of the Eglu or the winter shade of the run if it rains or there is a scary noise. We are also happy knowing that they cannot wander off. <p>When cleaning out the Eglu, we just put the end poles together in a stand alone run, to prevent the girls coming back to the Eglu to "help" us.This has been a brilliant buy. Maybe in the spring we will sort out that bottom hedge?</p>

Verified Purchase: Apr 2011

Chicken Netting - 25M and Extra Poles - An Omleteer,

Easy to use. Green netting blends in with garden (some others on market are unsightly orange). Extra poles invaluable. I would recomend pegs into the grass along the base. Good value.

Verified Purchase: Apr 2009

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