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excellent - Annabel,

Just what we were looking for. Easy and quick to put up, flexible and not at all intrusive.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

High Quality product - Ian,

I was thinking it ws going to be flimsy, but it is a high quality product.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2013

does the job ..just - Sian,

Very well constructed -I agree that extra poles and occassionla tent peg necessary -we have bantams and if flustered they can get through the netting especially if it sags

Verified Purchase: Oct 2010

easy to use - Angela,

I am really pleased with this set of netting and poles. The chickens haven't escaped yet, and it's really easy to move. The poles are nice and bendy which makes it easy for me and the children to climb into the chicken pen! I haven't bothered to electrify it though so can't really comment on that part.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010

Pretty Good - Barry,

Certainly easy to put up, considering our ground is very hard, which is down to the poles having metal spikes. I thought expensive to start with but changed my mind when I saw how easily it can be moved around the garden. The extra poles supplied are a must and I admit to using a couple of canes to keep the netting up in a couple of places due to our Daisy being able to jump the height of the netting where it sags a bit in the middle. She hasn't tried it since. All in all I'm glad we bought it.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2021

Chicken netting and extra poles - Ruth,

They do the job but the poles are rather flimsy - could do to be stiffer to hold up the netting. The extra poles are definitely necessary.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Easy to use - has the ronseal factor - Jason,

Does what it says on the tin. Strong enough, easy to position poles, my only small gripe is that I didn't notice the pack of clips that go on the spike to hold the bottom of the net on until I'd positioned it all. Duh!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2010

Just what we needed - Judi,

This is much easier to move around than we thought it would be, so ideal for moving with our Go and run from one part of the garden to another, for the chickens to lay waste anew! The spikes go into our stony ground without much trouble. It would be better still if the poles were a bit sturdier, but they stand up pretty well and so far, after 5 weeks, our two haven't escaped either over or under.

Verified Purchase: Jan 2017

An easy way of giving your chickens more space - but not really a substitute for a large run - Martyn,

The netting is well constructed with its inner core of wire. The extra poles are a welcome addition in terms of security; nevertheless we have also placed tent pegs midway between them to ensure no one enters or leaves the enclosure. We are fortunate in having a large garden and we bought the netting in order to give our chickens additional freedom - which they so enjoy. However it has become apparent that they will excavate however much ground you offer them. So for this reason we plan to build a dedicated run with chippings. We had hoped that the netting would obviate this - but clearly not so. In addition it becomes a bit of a chore moving the netting every few days. These remarks do not I hope detract from the quality of your product. As novice poultry keepers we have been greatly impressed by the quality of your products and also the support on offer - particularly from Barbara.

Very good - Alan,

I've not electrified the fence. Great value for money. Good quality fence which has improved our 'chicken experience' and at the same time - saved our garden.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2010

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