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A bit like the Curates Egg... - Bruce,

...In that it's good in parts. It's easy to put up, once you've untangled it. It's easy to add the extra poles, although you WILL need them all, to prevent sagging. It's only through experience that you learn to weave the poles in and out of the netting and to ensure that the poles end up on the outside...this allows you to place the bottom of the netting inwards. The chickens will still find a way underneath, so you should use the pegs, of which there are not enough. Finally, all text relating to this product should state "Unsuitable for Bantams", who are able to walk through the netting with no difficulty whatsoever. We lost two of ours, not realising just how small they actually were, beneath those feathers.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

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