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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Bolts and Washers - Pack of 4

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As expected - Daniel, Bristol,

Not much to write for a review. Bought as part of a few bits to refresh my Classic. Worked as expected

Classic Bolts and Washers - Bruce, Bristol,

Best pack of four chicken accommodation related bolts and washers I have ever bought. Totally classic and utilitarian I thoroughly recommend these ahead of others available. In all seriousness: these fitted perfectly and replaced the rusty and gnarled ones I have had since buying by eggloo nearly 10 years ago. Making reassembly when moving hose a doddle.

so easy to install - Ann, Bristol,

our old run is now securely fixed to the eglu thanks to a new set of bolts and washers. The previous set had got rusty and oxidised and were snapped to get them off when the eglu was moved to a new house after 9 years.

Arrived quickly did the job - Catherine, Bristol,

The washers on my eglu rested making it difficult to undo the screws, ax a result I slightly rounded the screw heads. So I ordered so some they arrived quickly and worked a treat. Hopefully the washers have been upgraded to a better material by eglu so won't rust. They shouldn't have rusted in the first place in my view hence 4 stars. But I have had the eglu many years and the replacement was cheap easy to order and quick to arrive and did the job perfectly

Great - Elizabeth, Bristol,

Its nice to be able to get things like this at a cheap price to replace the old ones.

Good idea - Charlotte, Bristol,

Replaced my old rust ones with these, nice to spruce the eglu up it looks much better now.

good - Louise, Bristol,

They're bolts and washers - what's to say really? Spray them with something to stop them rusting or they don't last!

Works well - Heather, Bristol,

Used to repair a second hand eglu classic.

Excellent - Susan, Bristol,

Bought these to replace the original plastic ones which had broken (5 years old so hardly surprised). Omlet house itself is good as new, got plastic rooster bars as wooden ones falling apart. Rusty bits of the run painted with green colour hammerite enamel. OMLET good to go for the next FIVE YEARS - hurrah!

Great! - Elizabeth, Bristol,

Thank you Omlet for offering replacement parts like this - Brilliant!

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