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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Bolts and Washers - Pack of 4

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Bolts and washers - An Omleteer,

Are what it says in the name. 2

Eggcellent - An Omleteer,

Much better than the orginal plastic ones which had sheared off. Recommended. 2

Bolts & Washers - An Omleteer,

I wanted to spruce up my old Eglu and these did the trick. I was happy not to have to hunt around a hardware store. They arrived in the post two days later - very happy. 2

Bolts & Washers - An Omleteer,

Does the job. Just a bit disappointed after spending £200 on a run that they did not come with. Or after spending £500 on cube and run in total, that I could not have these out of courtesy, as the 2nd hand cube that was advertised on your site did not come with them. 2

Bolts and Washers - An Omleteer,

The ladder needs smaller washers to attach. The big ones provided here extend beyond. Doesn't look like belong. 2

Just what I needed to mend our run - An Omleteer,

Did exactly what I needed them to do. Good replacements for lost ones. 2

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