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Verified Reviews for Plastic Roosting Bars for Eglu Classic

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Replacement roosting bars - Manda, Surrey,

I have an omlet classic for which I had lost the smaller roosting bars. Its a shame you can't buy them individually as I had to purchase both as a set and I only needed one. 2

This reviewer has 2-4 Hybrid hens pets

Better than wooden hygienic - Andrea, Surrey,


This reviewer has 2-4 Pekin pets

excellent - Karen, Surrey,

The plastic bars are so much easier to clean. Excellent service from the team at Omlet - thank you. 2

As expected - Daniel, Surrey,

Bought as an extra set so I can replace when cleaning out and then clean them separately 2

Eglu classic roosting bars - Caroline, Surrey,

Great product and fast delivery. Rosie, Fleur and Ruby say they are clucking marvellous! 2

Roosting bars - Kim, Surrey,

Had to order spares these are great easy to clean and fit, fast delivery 2

All good - Lucy, Surrey,

I bought these to replace the old wooden ones I had. The plastic is much more hygienic, easy to clean and hopefully longer lasting. 2

- Wendy, Surrey,

Really easy to remove and replace and cleaning them is easy peaty. I bought a second set to make the weekly coop clean even quicker as I don't have to worry about getting them washed, dry and back in the coop on the same day. 2

new roosting bars - Kay, Surrey,

The larger bar needed replacing as original no longer cleaned properly (was good few yrs old). The smaller bars are perfect for blocking my constantly broody Wyandotte from sitting in the straw for hours 2

Great poduct - An Omleteer, Surrey,

Great product. Replacing my very old broken wooden roosting bars with these lovely hard wearing plastic ones. Hope my chooks appreciate it! 2

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