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As expected - Durham,

My girls love this, provides good entertainment for them pecking at it and scrabbling for the treats that drop.

The Peck Toys from Omlet are 5 Arrows Farm approved! - North Carolina,

The Peck Toys from Omlet are 5 Arrows Farm approved!! They’re really easy to use and they keep the chickens entertained. I just put some sunflower seeds and layer pellets in the toy and when they peck it, the food falls out. It’s a great toy to keep them entertained when I can’t let them free range.

Pendant and Poppy Peck Toy -

I thought my hens were very thick they have ignored all other novelties, swings and toys that have gone into their run, to my joy and surprise they figured these out very quickly. I absolutely rate this product and so does my thick chicks

Chickens like it -

The chickens seem to like pecking at it, keeps them amused. The string could be (way) longer.

Provides a lot of entertainment -

My chickens were drawn to these peck toys straightaway and have become very popular, as long as they get treats inside and not layers pellets, in which case they all lose interest. The peck toy is even popular with the garden birds.

Happy Hens -

Our girls love this toy. Generally one does all the work and the others get all the treats but it seems to keep them happy and entertained. A little messy to fill but I just fill it in the chickens run so they end up with easy pickings.

Chooks now like it -

I am using this to give them something to play with, but also to give them more shell grit. So I mixed shell grit with bird seed and hung it in their Elgu. At first they acted scared of it, but once they got the idea, they emptied it over a few days.

Fun toy -

My chickens soon got the hang of this and enjoy pecking out the corn. Keeps them nicely distracted while I clean out their coop! The only slightly annoying thing is that if it gets wet it can clog up at the bottom a bit. Not a big deal but something to keep an eye on.

Peck toy -

Got the hanging peck toy to keep my girls happy if in their Eglu run. They love it! One pecks and one collects - a winning team! The fact you can adjust the string length is great - was able to heighten it to keep them interested

Great Peck Toy for the girls -

This is easy to put together and hang up in the run. I just filled it with corn or dried meal worms and was an instant hit with my girls. Well designed and well-made I think it will last a long time. Highly recommended.

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