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Chicken Peck Toys - suffolk,

I'm a new chicken keeper and I'm a sucker for a gadget! I wanted to make sure the chooks weren't bored and so I bought a few of the different Peck Toys and they love them! I fill with the Organic Corn mix from Omlet hang a few in their run and put the ball out on the lawn and they'll just keep pecking and eating away! Definitely keeps them occupied - good products would recommend. !

Great!! -

Shipping was quick and product was as described. My girls absolutely love them!! Great company and product!

Fab toy! -

The girls rush over to the Peck Toy when they come back into the run each day and then bat it about to get the treats out.

Great -

They are quite funky and the ladies like the challenge. 2 have them totally sussed and 2 just wait for someone else to do the work. The wild birds are enjoying them too

Hens love it! -

This is a great way to feed treats in the afternoons, the hens spend ages pecking away to get their corn and it means they are kept nice and busy and don’t eat too quickly.

Pendant pecker toy is a huge hit - Northamptonshire,

My Girls love it. It doesn’t matter what I put in it, mixed corn or layers pellets they keep pecking until it is empty. Well made with holes that are large enough to accommodate layers pellets but small enough so that corn does not just fall straight out. The smallest tap results in a few treats tumbling out and a mad flurry of feathers to see who can gobble them up. When they see me filling it up they come running. Brilliant accessory.

Love it -

So glad I purchased this along with the pendant peck toy as the chooks love pecking away at them

Love it -

So glad I purchased this along with the poppy peck toy as the chooks love pecking away at them

Peck Toy -

My chickens are enjoying their toy. I like the size ..they do not need too many treats. Plastic is sturdy. Easy to move around to different coops.

Absolutely love it. - Fife,

My four chooks absolutely love the Poppy Peck Toy. One does all the work whilst the others reap the benefits. They peck until it’s empty. We use it out in the garden rather than in the chicken run. We have a mix of corn and mealworms in it.

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