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They love it! - Melissa,

It’s snows in Michigan and our girls can get “cooped” up! The pendant peck toy helps alleviate boredom and keeps them busy when not able to peck around in the yard:)

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 10+ pets

Poppy peck toy - Amanda,

Very pleased to have bought this! It is a robust container with a generous capacity for corn. I sometimes hang it upside down so all the corn is eaten as there’s always some left when poked upright into the ground. Will be getting another one for a friend. Great product!

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 4-6 Mixed large chickens pets

great idea, design and construction - Beth, Connecticut,

We got one of each for Christmas and it is great entertainment for the chickens. We are purchasing another one. We have 17 chickens and these are the most popular feature in the coop. The standing one is easy for them to empty and the hanging one takes them longer; they have to wait for it's swinging to slow down to get another peck at it. It took maybe two days for them to figure it out. Construction is solid and easy to refill. I can't think of anything we don't love about these.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 10+ Mostly Salmon Favero pets

Hens love it! - Clare,

It took our 'suspicious' ladies just 1 day to realise this was full of nice nibbles; now I fill it up every few days. It's an excellent 'enricher' during their own Bird Flu prevention lockdown (DEFRA legal requirement), giving them something extra to peck at. Easy to refill etc.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 1 Chickens pets

Best Toy Ever! - Beth,

My chickens love this toy. Instead of pecking at each other, they spend the day pecking the toy. Great for fighting winter boredom. My husband purchased this for my little hens for a Christmas present.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 1 Chickens pets

Poppy Peck Toy - Myrtle,

My chickens see me coming with this full of mealworms and get very excited. Love it

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020 This reviewer has 1 Chickens pets

A winner! - Susan, California,

Santa brought this to the hens and it has turned out to be their favorite present. The 1st day they were scared of it but the 2nd day they emptied it. All 10 of them hanging around it. They love it! I love watching them love it. I will be buying several more so they all can have a turn pecking at it. Buy it! Your hens will thank you.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2020

Chickens love it - Kathy,

My girls all love these i got the one that hangs and the one on the stand... Be careful though the one that was outside was promptly taken by my resident obese squirrel.. never to be seen again

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Poppy peck - Donna,

My pampered hens love to see the poppy peck filled with scratch favorites. They like it stuck in the ground. My only complaint is that a lot gets stuck in the bottom & they cannot get it out. Not a big deal, if it was hanging they would not have this problem.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

Get one! - Karen,

When I purchased the Poppy Peck Toy I had it in mind that my chickens may very well not take the slightest interest in it after a history of so many things I have tried over the years that have been met with indifference. So it was with hope, not expectation that I filled the toy up with scratch corn and plonked it down in the garden. For two days my girls firstly thought it was an alien and gave it a wide birth, then realising it was no threat, walking endlessly past it. On the third day, they had actually discovered what it was and what to do. It continues to give them hours of entertainment with the added bonus of confining th corn sparingly and neatly in one place rather than over a wide area which obviously is good for rodent control! Even my Cherry Valley Ducks use it! The Poppy Peck Toy will not disappoint.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

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