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Verified Reviews for Beware of the Hen Poo Sign

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Good fun product - Andy, Middlesex,

Put it on our gate to warn visitors. Good quality fibreglass product, and is fun. 2

A novel idea - Debbie, Middlesex,

Now has pride of place on my walk in run. Creates an amusing talking point for any visitors to the garden and an even more apt warning to those that dare venture into the run itself! A well made and original plaque which would make a great gift for any chicken mad folk! 2

Hen Poo Plaque - An Omleteer,

A cheap and cheerful way to bring a smile to everyone who visits!! 2

Chook plaque - An Omleteer,

Perfect present from our chickens to their dad - thank you! 2

Chicken Poo Plaque - An Omleteer,

Great fun to warn unsuspecting guests of any nasty little surprises that may lay ahead of them!! 2

Beware of the hen poo plaque - An Omleteer,

Excellent novelty product . A perfect present for those who have everything-including the hens! 2

Plaque - Beware of the Hen Poo - An Omleteer,

The plaque is a great novelty item , I have put it on the garden gate and it is just the right size, and it makes me smile when i see it . 2

Plaque - Beware of the Hen Poo - An Omleteer,

Very good quality for the price. The children love it. 2

beware of hen pooh - An Omleteer,

loved it.good size, nice and clear 2

hen poo - An Omleteer,

Well it gives all garden visiters a chuckle. 2

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