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Reviews for Manna Pro Chicken Toy Food Ball

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pleased with the quality -

took chickens a few days to understand what the ball was for, then they realised it had food in it, that done it, the odd thing is, it's the oldest chicken that plays with it, she loves it. Overall pleased with the ball, however, they seem reluctant to play with other items maybe it will just take time.

Great little boredom buster -

It didn’t take long for them to work out how to use this. They are excited to see it coming out now.

Yellow peck ball -

My chickens love this,especially Hilda,it’s her favourite,sadly however so does the squirrels and so it’s gone!!!again

Chicken toy food ball -

This is a big hit in our coop. Keeps our six hens and us entertained for ages. They love kicking the ball around the walkin run to get the corn out of it. Highly recommend for your chickens. They won't be bored.

Good toy, the chickens took to it quickly, keeps them busy and happy -

Although when it is apart, the ball feels a bit flimsy, it is much more secure when it is together. The chickens worked out how to get the grain our pretty quickly, and quite like playing football across the lawn. I do wonder how long the elastic will last, but that wouldn't be too difficult to replace if it does go. I'm glad that I bought this.

Best game ever! - Leics,

My three chickens adore the yellow toy ball when filled with corn. They have as much fun with it as I do watching them kick and push it round the garden.

Chicken toy food ball -

Wow my chucks love it with meal worms in it and So does my African pygmy hedgehog Great price great product

Treat Ball -

Good sturdy ball. My chickens didnt like it though. But product durable

Omlet Says: Hello Karen, Thank you for your review, I am sorry to hear that your chickens are not a fan of the toy. I would suggest trying again once in a while with different food or treats inside, sometimes this helps. Chickens can take a while to get use to a new toy, perhaps this is the case with the Manna Pro Food Ball. Kindest regards, Omlet

May take some time? -

The food ball arrived promptly in time for Christmas. I thought it was a little flimsy but a great simple design in a fab colour. Sadly, my bantams are scared of it. The squirrels like it tho. I turned my back & a huge, pregnant one was rolling it away! Now rescued & I will try to reintroduce to the bantams when the sun shines.

Fab toy -

My girls love this, they were straight on it! They peck at it and kick it about like chicken football! Easy to find in the coop, easy to fill and clean too.

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