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Reviews for Manna Pro Chicken Toy Food Ball

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Chickens like the ball, think the holes could be a little smaller tho, as limited to what you can put in it.

very good -

I have not seen it in action as it is a christmas present. However it was very well packaged and looks good.

great for engaging your thinking hens - Bristol,

It did not take long for the boldest hen to realise that this was a source of extra treats, even less time for her pals to learn from her example. This is low-cost high-return enrichment "toy" for our hens. It is easy to keep clean and robust. The elastic will eventually perish, but at this price it will be affordable to replace.


I bought this for 3 new POL hybrid hens i had recently purchased- one presented signs of an infection a few days after bringing them home so they ended up in quarantine for a few weeks longer than expected. The love this ball even now! Every afternoon I fill it with some corn and they enjoy hours of pushing it around the garden!!! Really would recommend this product!

AMAZING!!! - Berkshire,

My 3 POL hybrid girls LOVE this ball!! I bought it as a boredom breaker (as due to bad weather my garden has no grass and is constant mud) they are now in a pen. I fill it with corn of an afternoon and they go mad for it. It provides hours of enjoyment for me and them would recommend this product to everyone.

A fun toy. -

My 3 hens, known as the 3 Hs (Henrietta, Hepzibah, & Harriet) play with it, scattering the grain. It keeps them busy for hours!

Great buy -

Got one of these to try and at first they were totally disinterested so I thought i'd wasted my money, but whilst I was talking to a neighbour I noticed they suddenly got the hang of it and all three worked together to get the corn to disperse.Now they get their corn in it every day. They go crazy when they see the yellow ball they practically leap up to snatch it out of my hands. Keeps them occupied for quite a while and relieves boredom

My girls love it -

Took a few days to get used to - they ran a mile the first time I put it into their pen - but now they can't wait for me to fill it up. Keeps them busy.

Dose what it says on the lable -

There is no kicking it round the garden, they haven't progressed that far yet. but they do spend quite a bit of time rolling it with there heads. An inexpensive, well made toy that provides a change to my girls day.

Excellent chooks LOVE it! -

this is the best thing i have bought so far for keeping my chickens entertained, they love it! mealworms are a favourite choice, they kick it around better than England! NB it did take them a little while to get over the scariness of this yellow thing that had appeared in their run, but it was worth sticking with it, everyone should have one!

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