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Fantastic - does exactly what it says it does! - Button,

I love this heat pad. It is easy to use - just microwave it. It releases heat slowly and evenly. My cats love it.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2018

barabara was most impressed - Sarah,

have only tried this once so far just really to test out ready for the minus 13 of last year!! Barbara was most impressed even more so as margo had no idea what babs was sat on. they normally both snuggle in together when it is cold but on this night they slept apart. (my hens wont roost they prefer cosy straw beds!) Any way, shove it in microwave, heat it up, Bob's your uncle. Wont need to worry about frozen chickens.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2012

A life saver! - Emma,

I orderd this for my poorly hen. I placed it in a box coverd in straw and placed her on top. She looked lovely and cosy. I have even tried it out myself (minus the straw and box) and it really does stay warm for that long.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2012

Brilliant - Mady,

I actually got one of these for my arthritic old moggie - the vet said they were brilliant too. I would like them to be a little larger and thinner if poss as they do make quite a bulky thing even under a fleece, but am really please with the result. I used mine during the recent cold snap for Oscar (cat) and it was still warm in the morning.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2015

Excellent! - Sue,

I have two of these for three guinea pigs and they are excellent. 6 min each in the microwave and they stay hot for ages, they are buried in the sawdust and they keep the bedroom lovely and warm. I have been using mine for two whole winters now without any signs of wear and tear - and they rinse clean under the tap very easily.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2016

Easy to use and effective - An Omleteer,

Easy and quick to heat using the microwave. The hens clearly appreciate it during this cold snap as the straw is nice and warm and all five of the girls now sleep in the eggport!

Keeping the girls warm - An Omleteer,

A smashing idea. However, I was very surprised at how small it was. We have four batams and it's really only big enough for one small bantam behind. We would really need one each.

Snugglesafe Microwave Heatpad - An Omleteer,

I've used this heatpad for the last few nights, which have been chilly, my girls love it! I have an eggcube and just two Bantams, so it's a large space for them to keep warm by themselves.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Superb! - An Omleteer,

After taking a poorly chook to the vet with an unknown illness, she recommended adding supplemental heat to help poor Lola get better quickly. This heat pad was the bees knees! I could pop it in the house overnight with no worries of anything splitting and hot water coming out, absolutely brilliant, and highly recommended :) (Lola enjoyed it too and is now much better!)

Verified Purchase: Jan 2011

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