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Bought for my hens -

Okay, but metal skewer could be more robust

How fast can an apple vanish? -

If you want to know the answer can one of these great feeders for your chickens. On the first day of use they looked at it for a good five minutes as Chickens do, then on pecked twice and the others descended like a cockey on eels. Easy to use fun to watch . Love it almost as much as the Chickens!

Apply feeder - Cornwall,

My 3 chooks loved this! I put it high up enough so they had to work a little bit for the fruit. However, it didn't take long so their workout was short!

Excellent fun for my girls -

My two girls really enjoy chasing the apple feeder to try and get a bite of the apple. The only downside is that apples vanish in a matter of minutes!

Great my chickens love them -

They're amazing my chickens love it when I put apples in a specially cabbage great five star!!

Apple Feeder -

I bought this item for my chooks and suspended it from a tree in the garden low enough for them to reach. They love pecking at their apples - the wild birds don't really get a look in, as they eat the apples so quickly. The fixing screw at the top fell out, however, we managed to glue it all back together, but I was a little disappointed that it broke so quickly!