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Good stuff -

Very good smells nice would reccomend

Clean, Safe & smells nice! -

re-assuring to use a product specifically designed with the safety of animals in mind. handy easy to use spray, no need to dilute, i think it will last a while

An excellent product. -

This has proved to be an excellent produce. It has cut down the time involved when cleaning my henhouse thus making this side of things so much more simple - highly recommended.

Great product -

Easy to use, does a great job, seems like it will last a while.

Disinfectant -

I wouldn't use any other product for our chooks. Only the best!! Whilst I haven't used anything else I have faith in Omlet products and only purchase their goods.

Really good cleaner -

Really good cleaner, i use it over all of the inside of my Eglu

Excellant -

Easy to use

Great product -

Great product, ready to use straight from the bottle. Keeps everything clean and fresh.

easy to use -

I clean up with warm soapy water then spray with the disinfectant which gives me peace of mind. It smells good, too.

Easy to use -

Sprays on and gets into all the corners. No messing about diluting it. A great product

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