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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Duck House with 2m Run - Purple

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Happy Ducks - An Omleteer,

This is great for keeping ducks in, as you can just hose it all out and it drains away. My ducks are loving it and I know they're safe.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2014

Perfect for my duckies!!! - Rosie, Berkshire,

I have got 4 8 week old indain runner ducks Drake,Delilah,Dylan and Daphne and i love them to bit's but they are the MESSIEST!!! thing's i have ever met (they have even been known to get poo on the inside roof!) so the eglu house is perfect and easy to clean and disinfect daily and it's very safe and secure. I feel better knowing their ok out in the garden. The only thing i didn't like is there isn't enough room for food and water inside when they are fully grown. I know they don't really need it but i do panic about them a bit too much :). The run i didn't find easy to put up but i am all fingers and thumbs and don't have any patience but it seem's ok when up and my duck's are only inside for a few hour's because they have full run of the garden and only are inside if we are out. I have had to move it around while tidying the garden and i find the run clip's do snap easy :/. But i do give the house a full 10/10 it's just the run i've had trouble with but that could just be me! I would recommend to get one because it is the safest thing i've seen when their locked up at night and nothing is more important then that!!!

Verified Purchase: Aug 2015