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Reviews for Eglu Classic Duck House with 2m Run - Green

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Great -

Excellent product, easy to clean and my ducks love it.

Great product! -

Really great product, very robust and secure. I have four Cayuga ducklings and they all seem very happy in there. It's also very easy to clean. I'm looking into purchasing an extension/walk in run and wouldn't hesitate to buy it from Omlet. The customer service I received today was excellent too.

Duck eglu -

Excellent my call ducks 's are so happy in their new abode. I especially like the deep water drinking stations which stay clean even for ducks !

Very nice duck house -

Just right for my two Indian Runner ducks. Easy to open and close.

Excellent product will be back for more! -

I have been keeping chickens and ducks for over 40 year but never kept them in such a practical place. Everything has been thought of, from the waste tray to the adjustable feeders. The customer service was also excellent my wife ordered the duck eglu for my birthday. However on arrival I decided to put house my chickens in the eglu. Unfortunately there were no roosting bars. One phone call to omelet and I had the roosting bars following morning. Thank you.

I have a cube and a duck eglu now and I clean them out in no time. -

very easy to clean the ducks like it. I have 2 indian runner ducks and 1 wild blind male mallard. There is just enough room for them as the runner ducks are quite big!

Delighted with our foxproof duck eglu! -

We are first time duck keepers and wanted a secure house to keep the ever present Mr Fox away from our ducks. Although the ducks are only 3 weeks old and still housed indoors for the moment, in good weather we have been putting them in the run and getting them used to their new des res! They are very secure and happy in there, even when Mr Fox made a visit on their first outing into the pen. He could not find any way of getting to the ducks and was soon scared off by us, but we are very happy to see how foxprooof the run is. Added to which it is very easy to clean and keep tidy. Thanks for making such a good product.

Great product - ducks took to it straight away -

Robust product, good quality and easy to use. The ducks (2) seem very settled. They are in the Eglu overnight and on the pond during the day. We are using the 3m attached run when we need to move the ducks away from the pond.