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Very pleased. -

First purchase was slightly chipped and replaced immediately, so excellent customer service. The skelter looks good and works quite well although care has to be taken when removing the lower eggs. The higher eggs need a 'gentle helping hand' to move down the skelter.

Good size and good quality -

The skelter is exactly what I hoped it would be.

Great looking gadget for your kitchen -

It gives us great reminder to always keep not more than 10 fresh eggs at home! We have 3 laying chickens and this is great gadget to our oldfashioned styled home...

Excellent! -

Just want I needed. I no longer have to write dates on the eggs.

Great egg organiser! -

Perfect size for storing eggs from 8 well laying chooks! And you know which order to use them. Highly recommended.

Egg skelter 24 black -

Very unique, funny product looks good in black and holds eggs very well! Love the way they roll down from the top to the bottom!

Egg carousel -

Love it to bits

We now always eat the freshest eggs -

This egg skelter not only looks great on the kitchen bench and becomes a talking point with visitors has saved our family from the dreaded rotten egg! No matter what system we implemented previously somehow I always ended up with the rotten stale eggs when cooking. Now everyone knows to just take their eggs from the shoot at the bottom. Thanks for your speedy delivery and curtious advice on the phone!

Quality product -

Love this skelter. Had to wait a while for it to come back in stock, but well worth the wait. Great capacity for our four-hen, four person household...relatively sturdy and good quality. Easy for the kids to add eggs each day, just need a bit of care when removing eggs so they all roll down well.

Useful kitchen addition -

This is a great way to store eggs, such that you can cycle them properly. They don't always roll down the skelter properly and sometimes have to be helped a little, but it beats having them in boxes taking up cupboard space.

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