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Looks great but eggs do not roll - Rizwan, Surrey,

5/5 for looks but 1/5 for practicality.
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Cream

Verified Purchase: Jun 2018

Eggs don't roll - Tony, Bridgend,

This looks good, but unfortunately not all of he eggs will roll down when one is taken out. There's always one egg that wants to turn sideways, blocking the rest and it's not the same egg every time! Mine's also a bit wonky... when its full it leans to the right, but when the eggs get down to the last half dozen or so then the whole thing rocks over to the left. A bit like an old wonky chair. So what's the final verdict? Well for novelty value it gets a full 5 out of 5 however for practicallity it only gets 2 out of 5
Review for: Egg Skelter 24 Eggs - Black

Verified Purchase: Jan 2012