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Verified Reviews for Egg Date Stamping Kit

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Disappointing - Pipdumpling, Co Durham,

Arrived quickly and all OK however the ink or ink pad dry out and so have to be refreshed every use. Also the date stamp is clearly designed for flat surfaces and does not work well on curved surfaces (like an egg). After 10 days I still cannot get a readable stamp on the egg that is complete and not smudged. We will have to look for an alternative.

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Egg stamp - Trudy, Co Durham,

I bought this a few weeks ago and not too happy with it. Its very hard to get clear stamp, it's all burry. The ink isn't that great either it drys out very quick especially for the price of it. Over all I would give it a 3

Omlet Says: Hi Trudy, thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. I have emailed you privately to organise a replacement as it sounds like you might of received a faulty stamp kit.

Not very eggsited about it item. - Lamb, Co Durham,

The egg date stamp and ink are satisfactory , but the ink pad and case are pathetic flimsy rubbish which doesn't stay closed as it has no clasp etc. so the ink dries out too fast! I don't feel this is value for money but CBA to send it back.

Egg date stamping kit - Edna, Co Durham,

Great product. Takes a while to get used to rolling the stamp over the egg. Works well.

Useful - Hilary, Co Durham,

I am pleased that I bought this egg stamping kit; it is easier than hunting for a pencil, and you just have to turn the digits on on place to know the date. Two points though; first, you won't get much of an impression from "a few drops" of the ink on the pad; it has to be pretty well saturated- more like half the bottle. Secondly, the stamp size is too small. I switched the stamp for a 4mm stamp, and it is very much easier to read.

Great idea. - Julia, Co Durham,

Ideal for keeping a check on how old your eggs are, elimiates the risk of eggs going off.

Brilliant - Scott, Co Durham,

Brought this for my husband for his Birthday as he loves his chickens, he uses it everyday, loves it

Works well - Emma, Co Durham,

Used it this morning on our first eggs. Works pretty well. Some practice needed.

Good to start you off - Gill, Co Durham,

The purchase itself was great the product arrived quickly and well packaged. The stamp itself is a little tricky to use and takes a bit of getting used to. This is great to start you off though.

As described - Wendy, Co Durham,

Excellent service. Well packaged.. Doing the job eggselently ||

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