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Perfect for my girls!! - Kat, Surrey,

The coop and run are working great for my 4 hens. The instructions stated that it should take about three hours to assemble, but it took about twice that (a little here and there). We used a lot more zip ties to hold the run together than provided, but it seems fairly sturdy. Definitely meets the need!
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) and Wheels - Green

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I customized it! - Lydia, Kent,

I do like my Eagle cube. However I customized it to make it work for me. I have 4 hens 1 Roo. I really don't think any more would fit comfortably. I have the walk in. It is in the sun. So in the hot summer, I move the Eglu under a tree and put fencing around it for them to graze. Then I use the walk in as garden space. It is nice and fertile since they have been in there all winter, and I get surprise sunflowers that grow up from the left over feed. Now I have complete fencing around my garden, so my plants are for me to eat, not all the critters. I will move them back and hook up to the walk in , in the fall. They will clean up the garden space for me. ALSO, I removed the green litter pan from under the roosting area. I pile leaves from the woods, or straw on the ground under the roosting area. When I take out the roost to clean, I add more leaves as necessary. The chickens dig and stir it for me. Once in a while I will put a rake in there and pull it all out and leave in a pile to "season". Boom! Compost. I'm also hoping it keeps them cooler at night while they are all crammed in there on the hot southern nights. For those who have read this far. Yes there is a hole where the green tray came out. I put some hardware cloth there and kind of "sewed" it in place with some wire.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) and Wheels - Purple

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Love this coop - Shawn, Oldham,

I just recently purchased this unit with the six foot run. What I like best about this unit is the ease of cleaning the tray and the interior components. I also enjoy how simple it is to move the unit around the yard. I feel I’ll continue to enjoy this unit for many years to come.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (2m) and Wheels - Green

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Easy to assemble - Maggie, Warwickshire,

Very happy with my purchase of my Eglu Cube MK2 with a 3 metre run and the pack of 12 screw pegs. The purple colour is gorgeous and vibrant, time will tell if it fades or not. Good solid and heavy material for the cube which will be very easy to keep clean and the wire mesh is quite sturdy and not bendable like normal fencing wire. Assembly instructions are easy to follow if you read them properly and the numbered pictures are a great precise guide, I don't think they can be simplified. I am in my late 60s and I put mine together by myself. Everything has plus and minus for movement so precision down to the centimetre is not necessary as in some flat pack items. Screws and clips all fitted perfectly and wound up tightly without fear of thread stripping or over tightening. The screw pegs could be screwed into the ground with my electric drill with the appropriate bit and made the whole thing non moveable particularly for rodents that like to try and dig their way in. I do recommend this product, it should last a lot longer and be far more secure than chicken wire and a timber coup. I set up my secure coup and run within a fenced area so the chickens could roam during the day and have somewhere secure to roost overnight and lay their eggs.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) - Purple

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It's been a year - Jennifer, Kent,

It's been a year since we purchased out omlet cube after a very long shipping after many many shipping delays we were very excited to set it up which my husband did in about 4 hours at the time we had 5 3 month old hens they took to the coop right away we were very surprised when they put themselves to sleep on the 1st night since it was the 1st coop they had prior to the coop arriving we were bringing them inside every night to sleep in the brooder it's amazing how they just knew to go in at dark in August the temps were in high 90's to 100 in nj only cooling off to about 80 to 85 at night so we did leave coop door open all night and we had a fan setup right outside the very small omlet run my husband ordered the 6ft run not realizing it would only actually be 3ft since they count the space under the coop as well at 1st we were bummed about the run being so small we were going to order another 6ft of extension luckily it wasn't instock since after a couple of weeks we became frustrated with the run its only couple feet tall so you cant actually get inside I cant even reach the coop door from the outside of the run unless I want to go on my hands and knees and crawl through which I had to do once to get a scared hen from under the coop it wasn't fun at all so we decided we would not be getting and more feet of run space I would of ordered the walk in omlet run but the cost is extremely high so we turned a carport tent from lowes into a walk in run 10 by 20ft and for the carport and all the chicken wire and hardware cloth we only spent less then 300.00 lasted us a year even with over a foot of snow multiple times this winter we now only have 3 hens one got sick vet thinks cancer and another we lost to a fox during free range time. I wanted to get 2 or 3 more but once they fully grew 5 was very tight in the cube winter not so bad they could huddle to keep warm but when it's hot they need space which with 5 they had none I think 2 or 3 is definitely the max in warmer months to give them some room so they aren't right on top of each other I dont have large breed chickens just standard brown chickens when chickens are hit they keep wings open a little and any more then the 3 I have right now they wouldnt be able to do that. In winter huddling together helps keep them warm we did have some days at 2 degrees at night so we purchased a coop heater from tractor supply it looks like a flat screen tv and set it up inside the coop which the chickens loved they all slept right next to it we have a coop camera and we would watch them all try to get the best spot by the heater I let it run during the day as well when it was very very cold so when they would go lay they had little bit of warmth not a lot since the coop door was open just enough to keep the chill off then and keep the eggs from freezing I do a weekly take everything out wash it all off which I do love how easy it is to clean I do wish the nesting area also came out not so much for spring and summer cleaning but for winter water seems to not drain all the way from it after I hose it all down in summer it dries after a hour but in winter I have to use towels also with the attached run you cant clean the front of the coop except for with hose of pressure washer which some times they poop in the area right by the door and I've got no choice but to crawl in and scrub it with a brush to clean the door area and stairs not very fun so now that it's been a year would I purchase again it's a yes if I was to always only have a couple of chickens I probably definitely wouldnt of purchased the run only reason I even still have it attached is so on warmer nights I can leave coop door open since they are safe as long as the run is closed I feel ok leaving it open all night between the omlet run and the enclosure that the coop is in I feel safe knowing nothing will get them at night I do think the price is high especially for the space that it has I'd love to purchase the walk in run and the new chicken pole perch however the cost is extremely high
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) and Wheels - Purple

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Skeptical to pleased - Emee, Surrey,

Needed a more mobile solution. I was sold this was the right way to go but not my hubby. After two weeks, he has forgotten all about the price and loves it. We do need to add one more run. Also the assembly instructions were contradicting and a real pain.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) and Wheels - Green

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Has everything I wanted - Patti, Surrey,

.....but the instructions are horrible. May I suggest a rewrite (redraw) by someone who has actually built the cube? I decided we could make a drinking game out of building the cube, that you would have to take a shot every time someone said "these instructions are awful/stupid/terrible". Fortunately, we never followed through on the game or we all would have been in comas. It took many hours over several evenings but we finally did it. Thank goodness I do not plan to ever take it apart . Otherwise, the finished product looks to be promising. I have wanted to get chickens again for awhile, but the idea of a st ationary coop and having it built was less than ideal. I wanted to have free range chickens but with a level of control. The cube offers me that and low maintenance. Laying chickens will be ready for occupation in about 4 weeks. Living in Wisconsin, I did add hardware cloth to the bottom of the run to keep raccoons from being able to reach through the wire and grab a chicken by the neck. Happy with my purchase when all is said and done.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) and Wheels - Green

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Omlet Says: Hi Patti, Thank you for your feedback. It has been passed on to our Product Design team who will review it for improvements. Feel free to contact us by phone or by email to provide us with further details on the specific points of the manual that you believe would benefit of a remake, as this would help us to pinpoint more exactly how we can improve it. We would also recommend you to watch our instructions videos, they can be a great complement to the manuals. You can find them here. Don't hesitate to contact us for any query or question. Yours, Clemence, Omlet Customer Services team

5 Star Accommodation - Garry, Northumberland,

We had 3 ladies in an Eglu Classic we got to new chicks and upgraded to the cube. It’s just fantastic and the girls love it and it’s so easy to keep clean. The best thing is not a red spider mite to be seen.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Wheels - Green

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Love it! - Angelia, Surrey,

It is everything advertised. Easy to move,varment proof,and easy to clean.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Run (3m) and Wheels - Green

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Why didn’t I get this for my first coop! - Jennifer, Cheshire,

I love my silkies far more than I imagined. So it’s no surprise the Omlet Cube has been no different. With my first coop I tried different kinds of bedding. The Omlet’s washable grate saved so much time cleaning and my chickens have transitioned faster than I expected.
Review for: Eglu Cube Chicken Coop with Wheels - Purple

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