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Our girls love there best box - Suffolk,

This nest box and run was the first one that we had got from Omlet, but our girls love it, there is plenty of room in the box, it is easy to take apart and clean, I would really recommend it.

Happy me and Happy hens! -

I am delighted with the Eglu Classic, and my 3 rescue hens think it’s great too. My one reservation is that it is not easy to move, not impossible, but I wish I’d known before I bought it but maybe I should have done more research. Otherwise I can thoroughly recommend it.

Eggcellent ???? -

Super quality, easy to put together ( I did all by myself ) would highly recommend

My hens and I love it - East Sussex,

I bought the Eglu for my girls when we moved house just over a year ago and it is a dream come true! (I've wanted an Eglu for such a long time, mainly because they look so cool!). Since owning it I've found that the Eglu is so much easier to keep clean than the old wooden coop which seemed to cling onto the dirt. Red mites were also a real problem but since moving to the Eglu I haven't seen a single mite! Doesn't take me long at all to clean the Eglu too which is also a bonus. A year on the Eglu still looks brand new. The sunshade that came with the Eglu sadly ripped a few weeks ago - I think the UV might have made it brittle possibly and then become battered in the wind but I just put a tarpaulin over the run which works perfectly fine. The run that came with the Eglu seems very strong and I trust 100% that a fox wouldn't be able to get at them. The grass underneath the Eglu and run did get destroyed so be prepared to put some bark down! I'd also recommend either buying the run extension or fencing off a bit of the garden like we did - I think the girls appreciate the extra space! My experience of keeping chickens has improved since getting the Eglu and I think the girls seem much happier and healthier too!


This Eglu Coop is perfect for 2 hens! I would not go back to a wooden one and would recommend this to anyone starting out keeping hens! Happy hens lay lots of eggs!

Perfect-can't say more than that. -

This coop might as well be magic. Isn't quite as easy to clean as it looks in the video, mind, but that doesn't deter me. I have three Eglu Classics, the first dating back to 2004, and it's still running perfectly. The Bantams live in this coop with Henny. Blossom & Co. live in the second oldest Eglu, which is functioning amazingly. The four Rhode Rocks live in the newest, second hand coop. All thirteen girls are very happy indeed. Moving them to any ordinary henhouse would be impossible now. Yes, it's expensive. But you get your money's worth.

Chicken house - Essex,

This is the best chicken house we've ever had. It is very easy to set up and even easier to clean. The chickens are very happy with their new home.

Amazing henhouse without the red mite problems -

We've got a collection of 3 Eglu Classics; just goes to show how amazing they are! The first dates back to 2004-one which is truly original-and best of all, it's still growing strong! The Bantams love it. We have three Eglu Classics altogether now; however, we are moving soon, so will only have space for the newest (and strongest) coop. The coops are absolutely bombproof. Note that the skirt does not put the rats off, pegs or not! So unless you want the rats stopping by for a midnight snack each night, put the food away when you put them to bed.

Perfect Maternity Unit -

I bought the Eglu Classic for my broody hen, she sat on her eggs and when they hatched it was perfect for Mum & Babies keeping them safe from the other hens.

I've had mine for 11 years! -

I have just had to get rid of my hens after over eleven years of happy hen keeping. The rat problem had got unmanageable and they had actually eaten through the plastic and were living in the hollow casing of the Eglu itself! However, I have had very good value from the Eglu. If it wasn't for the rat damage it would still be fine and would have many years of use left it in. I have loved my Eglu and I'm glad I made the investment back in 2008. I have had between 2 and 5 hens living very happily and producing loads of eggs. I soon became unhappy with the limitations of the low run and my hens have had the run of a large enclosure at the end of my garden, complete with shrubs and various things for them to play and perch on. I would recommend the Eglu for easy hen keeping, but probably best with a larger and higher run or enclosure.

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