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The Hen´s are happy - Karin, Cork,

Our hen´s are happy to live in the omlet house. We became every day an egg.

Eglu - James,

Pretty good product,could use some options for fixing down,not sure how weather proof it will be,will just have to wait for some bad weather to see

Great for Chickens and Ducks - Jon,

We have 2 of these for our 4 chickens and 2 ducks. Great for all weather protection and keep our fury friends warm in winter and cool in summer. You can see our happy feathered friends using these great runs if you ever come to visit us.

Eglu classic coop and 2 mtr run. - Sylvia,

Very pleased with the quality and finish of the coop and run. My grand-daughter has two male call ducks who seem very happy and settled in their new home, which is a good size and secure from predators. Excellent service and customer care from Omlet Ltd who despite manufacturing problems kept me updated on progress and were very friendly too. All in all although we had to wait for the Eglu it was worth it. Well done Omlet and thanks to Elodie and Nikki.

Great product - Sara,

Very sturdy, easy to assemble and the hens love it.

Eggcellent - Matt,

okay, so I didnt buy this - sue me! we were gifted our eglu from my wife's parents who have since upgraded to a walk in run and cube.. I have used the classic in both with run mode and free standing. i have four girls who sleep in it. there are six more who sleep in the other coop - yet everyone lays in the eglu. it is far easier to keep clean than the other coop. however I much prefer it raised up, i built a wooden frame for it and having the poop tray at waist height is much more convenient. the only flaw is that I have only found one firm who make an auto door opener for the eglu - and they are on my purchase list.......

Classic house , feeds and accessories - Irene,

I have enjoyed my 3 chickens and the security of their lovely classic Eglu. They are happy hens who lay well in their happy home. Easy to keep clean and fresh .

Recently purchased the Eglu Classic. - Mark, East Sussex,

Very premium product. The hens love it.

A fantastic bargain - 11 years on - Nicki99, N Somerset,

I recently found my original order for my orange classic eglu, and could not quite believe it was dated 11 years ago! it was bought as a Rablu, then changed to an eglu over the years, but it has been in permanent use for 11 years and is still working well. At the time we thought it was an expensive treat, but it's worked out loads cheaper than wooden equivalents and still looks a fantastic feature in the garden.

A few years on... - Louise,

I bought this ages ago, I think 7 years. Very impressed to start with. I had 3 chickens in it and they seemed happy, although I personally felt the run wasn’t humanely big enough considering it had no height to it. The foxes didn’t get them in spite of me closing the Eglu most nights but I rehomed the chickens after a few years. It’s been sitting in the garden pile dismantled since. I was going to get rid of it but got quail instead and it is a great size for them. Badly sun faded but I quite like ombre although the plastic has pores that I can’t get the dirt out of. Also, the straps on the cover have disintegrated. Overall, I think it’s brilliant even if I do still choke over the price of a new one.

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