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A few years on... - Louise,

I bought this ages ago, I think 7 years. Very impressed to start with. I had 3 chickens in it and they seemed happy, although I personally felt the run wasn’t humanely big enough considering it had no height to it. The foxes didn’t get them in spite of me closing the Eglu most nights but I rehomed the chickens after a few years. It’s been sitting in the garden pile dismantled since. I was going to get rid of it but got quail instead and it is a great size for them. Badly sun faded but I quite like ombre although the plastic has pores that I can’t get the dirt out of. Also, the straps on the cover have disintegrated. Overall, I think it’s brilliant even if I do still choke over the price of a new one.

- Joan,

Excellent product. Have finally treated myself (my girls) to an eglu coop and run. Arrived quickly. Easy to put the run together as instructions are very clear. Staff very friendly and helpful.

Looks great. - Jayne, Highland,

I love this hen house. It is very easy to clean out and looks really good. The only downside is that they always seem to poo in the doorway and it's really difficult to get to with the run attached. Apart from that it's great.

All good - Sonja,

Love my eglu classic and more importantly so do my chickens. Can't believe I waited this long to get one. Love that you can move it around the garden every few days to fresh grass and only takes 10 mins to clean daily. So low maintenance and looks good too. Happy customer.

Door problem R - Iain,

My Eglu Classic and run was easy to assemble, the whole job took about 30 minutes. Living in the Scottish Highlands our main concern is the threat from fox, pine marten, mink, and buzzards, but I am satisfied that the run and coop will be a satisfactory barrier to these predators. The only downside and the reason I give only 4 stars was is that the door does not close snug, there is a 2 to 3cm gap which in a Highland winter will allow wind, rain and snow in. Omlet are sending me a bracket with instructions which should solve the problem and if so I will give 5 stars. Otherwise 3 Blackrock hens happy and laying well.

Super - Kim,

I used this as an extra house and run for our chickens after they had a chick earlier in the year who was unable to use the ladder of the eglu cube for some time. I am delighted with our purchase and have kept it as extra accomodationfor using in another part of the garden or for emergency use should I need to separate any of the girls. It is well made, looks good and I feel confident that the chickens are safe and secure. They love it & so do I!

Quite simply, an eggcellant product! ( apologies, had to be said) - Sian,

I have had an eglu classic with standard run for about 8 years and have always been thrilled with it. Really easy to keep the coop & nest box clean, so when we moved house and had more space we didn't hesitate to enlarge our chicken empire with a large walk in run. The team at Omlet were really helpful with advice on which connecter piece we needed to attach our eglu classic to the new run & all went together with no trouble. Needless to say, as most chicken owners will understand, after a few weeks of our 3 original Girls; Sam, Merry & Pippin living in the lap of luxury with what must have seemed like acres of space, we decided to add another eglu classic & connecter panel along with another 3 girls! We have also acquired an Eglu Go as an extra coop for their free range run/ isolation wing!. Again the Omlet team have been great with advising me which pieces I needed to make it into the Go Up with the frame and wheels. Brilliant by the way, so much easier to clean out at hip height! Also spares of roosting tray with nest box and the top to food tray( otherwise my girls thoroughly enjoy dancing in their food.)all in all, Omlet products are great, easy to clean, move around if necessary & extremely hard wearing. The team are always helpful, chatty & polite when I ring. My only bug bear is the website doesn't list all products available, the roosting bars/ nest box & top to feeder for the eglu go we're on a 'hidden' page I was informed by staff and the cost of postage has nigh on tripled in the last year! Combine this with who ever they are now using for delivery appear to be unable to comprehend the number of packages they are supposed to be delivering, if you do get the correct number, the boxes are broken & battered, we had one delivery that had split the feed bags, not great 20kg of feed all over our porch! So, Omlet, fantastic products, seriously brilliant & I will when we move to our small holding be looking to purchase at least 1 eglu cube, But please please please tweek your website & sort out your delivery issues .

great product - Danielle,

Looks fab very excited to get my quails in and get it up and running ! X

Quality product - Tony,

I have a need to isolate two of my chickens this product is the right size and very sturdy with a great eye on security.

Eglu Classic green - Mary,

Cinnamon, Clove and Nutmeg have been enjoying their new home for two months. They are very happy and so am I, it only takes 30mins to clean their home.

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