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chicken eglu - An Omleteer,

My girls seem to have settled in well so they must be happy, however, I do have a few gripes: Eglu & run is very heavy & awkward to move around & as removable tray is at back of eglu it cannot be put up against a fence or corner which means it takes up more space than expected. I also found putting the run together very tricky. The inside roosting bars (especially the small one)are quite awkward to put in. If it seems I'm unhappy - I'm not it is easy to hose down to keep it clean & looks really great & would recommend to a friend (just would hi-light the above points to them).

Verified Purchase: Jul 2009

Eglu - An Omleteer,

On the whole a very good piece of kit. My wife loves it. My only complaint is that it is too heavy to move about with the run attached, solution would be to mould a handle so that it may be moved by one person, not everybody enjoys your passion for chickens.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2009