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Very impressed with the Mk2 -

Have just finished assembling the Mk2 Cube. We previously bought an original Cube at least 10 years ago. (which is on loan to a friend) to go with the original classic eglu we bought around 2008. It has to be said that the Cube Mk2 is as different as chalk to a rich mature cheddar compared to its predecessor. It is clear that the issues associated with the original Cube have been ironed out and that makes the Mk2 a much better engineered product. It was a breeze to assemble given the comprehensive and easy to follow instructions. We are delighted with the Mk2 Cube and recommend it without hesitation.

The Rolls-Royce of Chicken Coops! - avon,

This coop is fantastic! Omlet have thought of everything with this design. The coop is spacious and the separate nest area gives your chickens some privacy whilst they are laying. The droppings box is easy to clean and as it is raised up, your chickens will have some shelter underneath.

Great coop... Well built... -

Finally was able to put it all together by myself. 3 hr and one eye opener that required disassembling the main coop !! What is not mentioned clearly is that you have to FIX THE RUN to the front wall of coop BEFORE putting the roof on the coop.!! Anyway, final product looks wonderful !! Sturdy construction A+++

Brilliant product - West Midlands,

I've never owned a plastic coop before but once I read the reviews and weighed up the pro's and cons I went ahead and ordered the eglu cube. There was a bit of a wait because of lockdown but when it arrived I was thrilled. The coop itself was easy to put together but the run was a little trickier. I've had the coop for a few months now and everything is going perfectly. I've also ordered the automatic door and coop light. One thing I would suggest is to have the walk in run as it would be easier to clean instead of getting on your hands and knees to clean out the run.

Really Happy with this coop - County Tyrone,

I’m very pleased with the Omlet Eglu cube, it’s well thought out and convenient to use. My Chickens seem to like it and had no problems adapting to using the ladder, the run is secure so I have peace of mind their safe and have plenty of space with extensions to four meters, the door to the nest box was handy to persuade them not to sleep in there, the droppings tray is quick to empty and the roosting bars clean in about five minutes, making it a very low maintenance product. Where I live is quite exposed to the weather and it holds up well, keeping the chooks dry and warm in the most stormy horrid conditions. In summing up it was easy to assemble, is easy to maintain and made of quality materials, weather and predator proof, well worth the investment for convenience and aesthetics, I highly recommend it.

top ! -

this is the 2nd EGLU CUBE and I use it for all year round free range hens and their chicks - young and old are very happy and supply best products - happy hens - happy families !


This coop is so easy to clean and keep tidy!

Great Hone for My Girls! - Georgia,

I have two Eglu Cubes with the 9-foot run. One is for 4 Golden Buff Orpingtons and the second one is for 3 Cuckoo Marans and 2 Lavender Orpingtons. I tried all 9 in the first Cube setup, but it was too crowded for sleeping all of them in there together (I don’t allow them to sleep in the nesting box). Both groups are now happy with more space. Our setups have survived attempts. Y raccoons to get in at night and also high winds from tropical storms. We have had our first run since June 2020 and are very pleased with performance thus far in Summer/Fall.

Love this coop! - Georgia,

The coop was easy to assemble and move around our yard! We originally assembled this with just the 6 foot run and then later added a walk-in run to give our chickens a larger protected space.

impressed with the Coop -

I was impressed with the coop and run. Well build ahd I'm looking forward to many years of use. There are a lot of parts so expect it to take a while to build.

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