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- Petet,

Great product hens love it

A great kit - Charles, Washington,

I was skeptical at first due to the cost that changed to pleased once the coop arrived. I find the materials to be of high quality and the components well made. I'm glad we purchased this as it will last a long time and is very easy to maintain. Mobility is a nice feature. 4 large chickens is the limit IMO. Two features I would have liked to have seen are an access door on the rear of the coop fencing. Yes, I realize you can buy a accessory door but it should be provided at this price point. A means of opening and closing the internal door to the laying area from the outside would be a bonus as well.

Great but not as big as the website suggests! - Tom,

The chicken house and run is a great combination but I did picture it being bigger than it is. We have four chickens in ours and I would be reluctant to put any more in. Very sturdy, and although I don’t think it’s been tested (yet!), I would say very secure from Mr (and Mrs) Fox! Construction time a little longer than expected, there was three different instruction manuals and no instructions to say which one to use - so I made the house before the pen, then had to take some of the house apart again to fix the pen!! All in though would recommend!!

excellant - Tony,

a really top product easy to fit together especially with the help of the youtube films, only small criticism is the steps up to the couple being metal but soon made a wooden set which suits well

Very well built chicken house - Barry,

I am very impressed with the sturdy quality of the Eglu Cube that I purchased when at the NEC garden show. It arrived promptly and fitted together easily and it is just as easy to keep clean.Our chickens settled into it very quickly. We are considering purchasing some of the additional accessories at a later date.

- Stephanie,

Our girls love this coop. It is just what I thought it would be. It took a bit to build in the 103 degree heat, but when it was complete, we were extremely pleased with the results. Henny and Penny are very happy and that is what matters.

Love it and so do my chickens - Lance,

Great design, stays cool in the heat and warm in the cold. Chickens took right to it.

Iglu cube - Wendy,

Great product - little hard to put together as one person even though I know it said two people but that was not an option for me.

Top of the range hotel! - Jan,

We bought this last summer after giving up with wood and red mites. Best purchase we ever made for our ladies. Originally housed 5 Orpingtons, but unfortunately, after a daytime fox attack on them free ranging, we are left with only 1, who is still quite poorly. The eglu has now shown another quality. Our little Goldie, still in shock, will not eat or drink or come out of the coop. We can take the back off, sit next to her, and tempt her with some food and water. It is slowly working. I could never do this with my old wooden house. When she has recovered we will be getting her some friends, increasing the run size and keeping them all safely out of harms way. Thank you Omlet.

Happy Hens in the Eglu - Faye, California,

We had our gardener help us design a box with a net under it covered in soil to prevent rats. Excited to have it up and running. The new chickens are adjusting. The coop is easy to use and my kid loves being able to help.

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