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- Hazel,

Love it! Arrived as stated and looks fab now assembled. Unfortunately the ladder was damage but Omlet were so quick to sort it and send me another. Had my friends chickens staying in it so far for their holidays and they seem to be enjoying it. Can't wait to get my own in it.

Great hen house - Jayne, Highland,

The Eglu cube2 is a really great hen house. It is big enough for plenty of hens and looks good. It's easy to keep clean too. Our hens took about a week to get used to going up the ladder so I had to catch them and put them to bed at first but then they got the hang of it. We have a 4x3x2m walk in run which works really well. Under the cube is enough shelter for a dust bath. We have 5 (large) happy chickens.

Eglu Cube Mk2 with 2M Run and Wheels - Martin,

Thank you for creating a product that allows us to discreetly keep chickens in suburban development. We love the trendy functionality of our Eglu Cube. We also appreciate the fact that we can move it to new pastures when needed, and that it is kid friendly enough that our nine year old is independently able to water, feed, and manage the waste for our chickens.

- Amy,

love, Love, LOVE our Eglu Cube. We are new to chicken keeping, and did a lot of research on quality, durable, efficient coops. Eagle cube won, hands down. The number of good reviews tipped the scale. The cost was a bit "scary" for us, not knowing how we would like chicken keeping, and if we would stick with it long term, but seeing that they hold their resale value (unlike all these wooden kits) and seem to last forever, we decided to take the plunge. First- Customer service. We ordered the cube, and I eagerly checked the UPS tracking info daily. As there were 6 boxes, I merely tracked box 1. We eagerly anticipated the arrival of our coop, and when it arrived, I raced home from work, eager to start putting the coop together, only to discover that one box was missing. A check with UPS tracking showed that the label had been printed, but box never shipped. When I called, customer service was SOOO kind and easy, and our box was shipped the next morning. Putting the cube together was not that difficult, but definitely time-consuming, and I was thankful for my husband's help. Our girls are 6 weeks old now. Because it is a nice, warm summer, we put them in the run during the day starting about 2 weeks, bringing them in overnight. We did find that the ladder was challenging for the tinies, so put a piece of plywood behind it, and ended up using a branch as a "ramp." This worked much better for them, and they still prefer the branch, to the ladder. Every morning, we would put them in through the back door of the cube and they quickly found their way down and out. When they hit the point of being able to stay outside 24/7, we would pick them up from the run and place them into the coop and lock it. It was only a few days before they just started putting themselves into the coop at night. Because the weather is so warm, we lock up the run at night, but leave the door open. They then have the freedom to come out on their own time in the morning, as my work schedule is so varied that consistency in opening the coop is nearly impossible (midwife here) A timer on the door would be WONDERFUL, as that would take care of the timing problem that we may face in the cold of winter, when I need to shut the door at night. The only complaint I have is that Eglu doesn't make anything bigger. I can already see that we may very well be a family where "chicken math" occurs!!!

All around convenient and innovative coop! - Alexis, PA,

Prior to receiving my hens, I did massive chicken coop research. In fact, I exhausted every internet blog and review site there was. I knew I wanted a coop that was portable, easy to clean, and large enough for my hens. Hands down, after a few months of owning the Omlet Eglu Cube, I can confidently say this is the BEST coop I've ever purchased. For starters, the plastic material is painless to clean. A hose and towel allow you to clean the coop in minutes. The box under the roasting bars collects droppings and easily slides out. Be sure to utilize the chicken waste! It makes for great compost for the garden! After a good clean (which I do once a week), I use the wheel attachment to move the coop to a different section of the yard. Additionally, the size of the coop is great! I did a 2m run attachment so that when I'm at work (and the girls have to stay in the coop) they have room to stretch their wings and graze with ease. The food container that Omlet supplies with a coop purchase is another innovative product! Even with a terrible rain storm, the food stays dry. I highly suggest purchasing the Omlet chicken fencing with the coop. The fence can be quickly moved around the yard and contains chickens in a specific area for free range. Great add-on for when you want to let your chickens out of the coop! Thank you, Omlet! Ingenious coop design with ultimate practicality.

Very pleased - William,

Service was first class assembly was straightforward

Omlet eglu Cube - Suzanne,

I love my omlet set up, I have two rescues from The Hens Trust and an Andalusian Grey who is 6 years old, I have mobility problems and cleaning and using the Eglu Cube is very easy for me, I like the nest box and they took to it immediately going in to lay their eggs. I have a sunshade and weatherproofs for under the run, I went for a 2 metre run and have the 12 Metere netting surrounding it so they can free range, With the heavy rain we had I put the heavy duty windbreak over the top and this seems to keep the rain out. Very pleased with my purchase.

Great Coop - Kadie, New York,

I must say, so far I love the coop. It was easy to assemble and maintain. We actually fit 12 chickens, mostly Ameraucanas, in ours and they have plenty of room. Have had a few hot days recently and the coop has been cool for them at night. Looking forward to see how it does in a Buffalo winter. Also bought a walk-in pen but have not been able to assemble yet. The only reason I am not giving 5 stars is due to the delays in receiving my products without updates from the company. I had to inquire each time to figure out why there were delays in delivery, without the company giving me updates that items were out of stock. My coop was a couple weeks delayed, but the fence was about a month delayed. Each time I reached out to customer service they were friendly and able to answer my questions. Overall very satisfied and just ordered a second coop for the chickens we are adopting from another farm!

Easy to assemble. Paint/powdercoat on steel work scratches easily - Kevin,

Straight forward to assemble, all parts were well wrapped, due to the size I had to put it together on the patio, care was taken not to slide it about but the green powdercoat/paint still scratched through to the bare metal (it appears to be very soft!) will have to see if the rest stands up to the salt air of a Greatstone winter?

Manufacturing problem on one part - Simon,

There was a small manufacturing problem on one part of the cube - a bolt hole wasn't formed correctly. i let Omlet know by email and I had a replacement part within 24 hours! Really exceptional customer service.

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