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Pleased with my Mk2 Cube - David,

My Cube arrived very quickly. Assembly took a bit longer than I expected, I am fairly nibble, but found climbing inside to do up some of the bolts a bit of a struggle. Been using it for three weeks now and very pleased with it.

Omlet Eglu - Janet,

We are delighted with our Eglu Mk1. It is so easy to clean and our chooks seem to be very happy living in it. Would definitely recommend and would definitely buy again.

We love my Eglu cube - Julie,

Our Eglu cube was so easy to assemble. I did that with 2 small children helping me. Our chicks haven't started using it yet, but we are looking forward to moving them in. Even on the hottest day, inside the cube is cool and fresh. The wheels are a great addon and work so well when moving the cube.

Eglu Cube - Ashley, Virginia,

We've had our Cube for a little over a month now and it has been a game-changer for us. We live in an area with many foxes, raccoons, hawks, etc. so free ranging our 4 chickens is risky (we lost 3 in just a few days to a predator last year). Prior to the Cube we had the chickens in a large enclosure where they could move around and at night they nested in a traditional wooden coop that we would close up. After some time, that coop and enclosure became awful to clean and the chickens had pecked that ground so much that it was just dead. Since having the Cube with the 3 meter run extension, we move the girls around our property anywhere between 1 and 3 times per day. They always get really excited to be in a new place, they are healthier (one was skinny and losing feathers before the move to the Cube--she is now fat and feathered and there has been zero change other than the move to the Cube), they are producing eggs more regularly even with the bitter cold weather we've had this winter, and they are much easier to care for. The Cube is easy to clean and while it does take some muscles to move - especially when pulling it through muddy patches - it is possible and I usually move it by myself during the day. I love that I can move the chickens from the grass to the woods and back again (they LOVE the woods, must be lots of bugs under the leaves) and that they are secure at night. A few nights ago we heard the foxes screaming on our property for over an hour and I thought that for sure they had figured out a way to get in the Cube, which was in a very wooded area that night. When I went out in the morning it was clear that the foxes had tried to dig under and around the run but they didn't even come close to getting under the wire skirt. Even if they had gotten in the run the chickens would have been safe and sound as they were closed in the coop. I love the security of the interior door with the bar that comes down to close the coop. I do wish that the other two openings on the outside of the coop had something that closed more like the interior coop door as I worry that a raccoon might figure out how to open the exterior panel doors. That hasn’t happened yet though, so I’m hoping for the best with those two exterior doors. All in all, I wish we’d gotten a Cube originally and not spent money and time on the other coop and enclosure. The price on these things is high but the ability to move them around, clean the coop easily, and have them be secure at night has been worth it for us.

Eglu MK 2 with 2m run extension. - Michael,

A well designed and manufactured chicken coop. Easy to assemble and very easy to keep clean. Although the price seems excessive it's worth spending the money. Our chickens think that they are staying at a 5 star hotel.

Could'nt ask for anymore. Brilliant coop and run! - Hayley, East Sussex,

The Eglu is a brilliant design, keeps my girls warm and cosy during the winter and the run is perfect while they aren't free ranging. It was really easy to put together and looks great on my allotment. Takes me 10 mins to clean once a week as all it needs is a quick wipe over. The main thing I love about the product is peace of mind. I can shut my girls in the coop at night knowing it is near enough impossible for a fox getting in.

Chook pen - Chris,

Great piece of innovation

Great product - Gail, Hampshire,

We recently inherited 4 hens and a rather dilapidated wooden coop, so needed a replacement and after much thought we went for the Eglu Go with a 2m run. It's a very well designed coop, easy to move and clean and the hens seem very content with it! A bigger run would probably be good if the hens were confined to it all of the time, we are able to let ours roam the garden for part of the day so it isn't an issue.

The Perfect Coop! - Susan, Texas,

I LOVE the Eglu Cube! The Cube has solved all of my chicken coop woes. It's easy to clean, easy to move, and plenty large enough for my bantam hens!

Great product! - Sylvia,

I would recommend not trying to put it together against the clock in failing light and sub-zero December temperature, but the chickens are very happy. It's very well designed and practical.

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