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My new cube compared with my old - Maureen,

I got fed up with my girls not wanting to coming out of the nesting box. Being able to have control of when they use the box. Also only one tray and bars to clean. I will be replacing my old cubes with new. I only hope they bring covers to match. Thank you Omlet

Impressive Chicken Coop worth the $$$ - Michael,

I am new to the chicken world. I grew up around chickens but never owned any for myself. I live on about 4 acres of property in a country neighborhood and the neighbors dogs get loose every once in a while. I purchased this chicken coop and could not be more pleased with this purchase. This coop keeps all my hens safe during day and night. The coop is easy to clean I just remove the tray and dump everything in my garden. The feeding and water trays hold about 3 days worth of food for 5 chickens. The only flaw I could find +was instructions on construction. There were not enough zip ties to get the job done. I went to the local hardware store and purchased more zip ties for added stability and you will need them with the larger run. The coop moves around my yard with ease. If you are considering this coop pull the trigger on it. You won't be disappointed.

Good looking cube - Kareen,

Love the Eglu cube, so easy to clean and no worries about lingering damp and wood rot. Run is a great lightweight run and so easy to manoeuvre. Only gripe I have is the plastic fasteners, don’t feel they are robust enough and broke several. Used plastic ties which work better for me

Construction of Eglu Cube Mk2 - Diana,

A brilliantly designed coop by Omlet. Given the price I think that some components could come ready constructed and still be posted in cardboard boxes. It is difficult to fit the green clips without resorting to pliers, but once you've put the run together the rest is relatively simple. It still took me two whole days to put together. It is pricey but I'm sure will be easy to keep clean.

Excellent - June,

Better than we anticipated, managed to construct with aid of u-tube. So easy to clean, quick and easy to let chickens in and out. We are happy and our chickens are happy.

5 star chicken accomadation - David,

Excellent product, very secure, easy to get at ( no bending down or going onto ones knees)

Very pleased - Sue,

I've had had my cube for a few months now and it's worked out really well - it's virtues are just as advertised. It looks like a little caravan standing in the garden (I would like Omlet to make the awning striped!).

it's worth the money - Catherine,

My chickens really took to this coop. Well 2 of them didn't go in the first night but after that they were all in every night. Love how you can clean out the drawer in the back. Looking forward to getting the insulation cover for the winter. The feeder and waterer accessories are well made. Was hesitant at first because of the price but it's really working out well and glad I bought it for my fluffy butts!

Keeps happy chickens safe! - Teresa,

The chickens and I are super happy with the Eglu. My five hens are safe from coyotes and raccoons. They are also protected from the cold at night.

Construction of Eglu Cube Mk2 - Diana,

It takes 2 days to put together. I thought I was beaten by the clips by mid day of day 1. However I contact Omlet who suggested a screw driver to reopen a clip - it worked well, so I tried out a pair of pliers to put the clips together and was then able to get on with the run construction much better. However it is exhausting. I think given the price that some parts could be pre-fitted and still sent in boxes. I think that Omlet make fantastic coops and this is the second I have purchased. They are easy to keep clean and manage. But I do think that the clips need a re-think, I'm still baffled by the double clip and have yet to really understand how they work. Overall I think that the Omlet coops are great and I would recommend them, the Cube was easier, despite it's size, than the Go to put together.

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