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Amazing !!! - Ade,

Well it arrived in 4 large boxes the very next day. Everything has clear instructions and when we completed assembly (2 of us in another 3 hrs with no divorce) we were really pleased. Wheeled easily into position and our 7 hens were left to investigate. All moved in within the hour and happily went to bed that night! We find it easy to clean and the kids collect the eggs easily through the side door. It's been really well designed and would fully recommend.

Excellent product - Liz,

Although pricey we are delighted with this. It is so easy to clean and my girls love it. I think they prefer the green water drinker as I changed and refilled both my old one and that one at the same time and they greedily drink from the new green ones. They manage the steps well. We have owned chickens for several years and I have always converted omelet ones. Wish I'd bought them earlier

Excellent coop - Hywel,

Excellent. Putting it together was straightforward. It is easy to clean. Solid construction. Mine is currently home to four, happy, chickens. Very satisfied.

Love it! - ,

Like other reviewers, we dabbled with wooden coops and runs which fell apart and warped before biting the bullet and getting an eglu cube. we can see the garden from our bedroom window and wanted something that wouldn't be an eye-sore. We also bought (separately) 100metres of electric poultry netting which surrounds the eglu to give the girls a larger area to run but keeps the foxes (and our dogs!) out. We move the cube and run around the pen weekly and then move the whole pen every couple of months. This keeps the girls on fresh grass all the time and stops any damage occurring to the grass. It is so easy to keep clean. I decided to stop using the door to shut them off the nesting box at night and just clean it every other day instead as it was so quick to do, but after a short while they stopped messing in there anyway. I agree with a lot of the comments about the water container (spilling when full) and feeder (makes a lot of mess on the ground) but despite the expensive outlay we are glad we bought it. It actually enhances our garden and shows off our beautiful girls, while we feel smug that they are safe, happy and in 5* luxury. The best bit is that if we want to go out on a summer evening, we can throw half a cup of corn in the 3 metre run and stand back while the girls rush in, then shut them into the fox proof run and let them go to bed when they like. If we want a lie in, we know that they can get up at dawn and help themselves to breakfast and we can let them into the bigger pen when we get up. Very stress free. Well done Eglu.

Eggstravagant Eglu - Sarah,

I love the Eglu by Omlet. My chickens are happy and safe. It's so easy to give them fresh water and food. There's no bending down to get the eggs. I am so happy with this product and so are my chickens.

Excellent eglu - Stephanie,

This is an excellent coop, my girls are very happy with it. It was time consuming to put together and I think a hint about gently prising the opening of the clip apart to make them easier to use would have been helpful. Also the instructions on the construction of the end panel were missing from box and internet, but rectified by phone call. The ease of cleaning is great and it looks smart.

Excellent product - Crosby,

Purchased the Eglu Cube with 3m run. Currently have 4 bantams living in luxury. Not sure that I would want many more chooks living in it - perhaps 6 at the most. Took me a couple of days of on and off effort to construct the cube and run largely on my own. Definitely better if you can find someone to help you put it together. The chooks are very happy and settled very quickly. It is an expensive chook house, and you could probably buy a lifetime of eggs for the same price, but if you are keen to keep your own hens and have some cash to play with, the Eglu Cube is an excellent choice. Easy to keep clean, mites won't infest the timber because there isn't any, weather proof, fox proof, and easy to manouver around the garden.

My new Cube - June,

The Cube came well packed as usual.The only real difficulty I had was putting it all together.I employed a man to do this for me and unfortunately he made a mess of it by not following the instructions which he said were difficult.I had to then ask someone else to come,he did it well even after undoing some of the previous work.and he said that it wasn't the easiest job he'd had.Now all up and in use and definitely an improvement on the old Go,I especially like the separate nest boxes as the hens can no longer sleep on the nest.My only personal complaint is the the food box has sharp edges around the openings which make it painful to carry.I do feel that the coop is made better than the earlier ones.

Eglu Cube Mk2 - Michelle,

I purchased this after using 2 wooden hutches (which had started to rot after less than 4 years). I love it. It is so easy to clean and I can move it if necessary on my own. The chickens seems so much happier. I wish I had bought one when I first had chickens.

Some great improvements, some not so! - Sarah, Berkshire,

I was looking to extend my Mk1 and when I saw the Mk2 had been released, I decided to go for it. I love the fact that the handle for the main door is now on the roof. I also love the slide door to close off the coop. Two great upgrades. However, it is much harder to clean out that the Mk1. The Roosting bars are one massive section so is much more cumbersome for cleaning. Also the roof is permanently affixed so does not slide back like the Mk1 which makes it much more difficult to clean out the house part. the drinker bowl is poorly designed, if you fill it, it sags forward due to the weight on the run bars and spills out. Just dont fill it too much as its too heavy! Being so open also means that it gets muddy easily. I will be using my old drinkers. On the whole I am pleased I chose to upgrade, but its not perfect yet.

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