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A very good bit of kit - Tony, Hampshire,

A little pricey but ultimately you get what you pay for. Very well constructed and very pleased with the product that has been in use for a month. Provided it lasts it will be a very good investment. Although there is no door at the rear of the run beneath the Eglu, access can be gained by closing the door and removing the rear panel, perch panel and tray. The chickens did tumble rather undignified down the ladder when the door was opened after their first night in the Eglu; however, within 48 hours they had mastered the art of going up and down the ladder. With the previous wooden coop they were used to just jumping in and out.

- Cheryl,

We love our Eglu Cube. It is very solid and well made. The chooks also love their new home.

Worth every penny! - Molly,

My main concerns when purchasing a coop were ventilation, winter warmth and ease of cleaning. After owning this coop for a full hot summer and an unually cold Pennsylvania winter i can say it has been excellent. This coop is so easy to keep clean! The fact that it is actually clean as well as virtually odor free after cleaning is awesome! My chickens are happy and healthy! I love the portability the wheeled base provides. I am very satisfied with my purchase and intend to expand my flock this spring..

Excellent product - Jennifer,

It makes all the difference to be able to move the run so easily.1 small issue is that the run door catches are not as strong and easy to use as the door catch on our old eglu run.

Great Chicken Coop - Jim,

I live in an area surrounded by forests...I've lost chickens to snakes, raccoons, opossums, hawks, foxes and other predators. I've had my two hens in the Eglu Cube Mk2 now for months without any problems. The coop has survived a hurricane (tied it down). I like the engineering and the strength of the coop. Although tedious to put together, I highly recommend, to any backyard chicken owner. The coop will save you a lot of grief...and money (in the long run) while providing an easy on the eyes design that will be a compliment to most any back garden.

I love this coop! - Amber, Minnesota,

I am so happy I chose to buy the Eglu Cube for my chickens. I had searched for the perfect coop for months and even considered building my own. I was looking for something that would be easy to clean, well insulated and could be moved around the yard, to limit the damage to our lawn. I stumbled across the Eglu online and had never seen anything like it in the U.S. The assembly was not too difficult, and there were videos online for visual learners like myself. Once the chicks moved in I knew I had made the right decision. It is so easy to clean and move around the yard. I have happy, healthy chickens, that have been well insulated from the elements during the winter. I have had many inquiries about the Eglu Cube from friends and neighbors. Without hesitation I tell them it is money well spent. A perfect coop for an urban flock.

Great coop - but you don't need the run if you have a fence - Fiona,

The coop is amazing. But you don't need the run if you also have the fence. Things that would make the coop better would be to have an automatic opener for the outside door & the inside laying door too.

Great product and worth the money! - Bayley,

I bought the eglu cube 3 months ago and it is a great product. its super easy to clean with the slide out dropping trays, especially with a pressure washer it only takes me 5 minsto clean out, And the eggport door is super handy to keep the nest box clean ( and saves money ). Also it is really easy to move around the garden. but i found if you are going up a hill it can be a little more challenging, but its usually fine. overall a really good product and worth every penny

Brilliant new home - Michelle,

My other half brought my girls the Eglu with the 2m run as a Christmas present as the local rats or Red mites had put pay to the last three homes the girls have had. It took us about 5 hours altogether to essemble it as we kept stopping for hot Chocolate breaks, as you do in the cold. All the parts were there and it fitted together pretty well. We had the same problem with the run clips as other reviewers had mentioned so I did resort to cable tying as well. We are very happy with the end result and so far so are the girls.

Eglu Cube Mk2 with 2metre run and wheels. - Grayer,

This is my 3rd Omlet chicken house having got fedup with badly made wooden houses and red mite! I like being able to stop hens sleeping in nestbox overnight (clean eggs) and ease of cleaning and being able to hose houses out. Fairly straight forward to construct on my own ( in my 70s) Only problem is getting hens to leave their overcrowded wooden house and move into the Cube! Some hens don't know how well off they are!

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