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Brilliant Upgrade - Chrissie,

I purchased the first Omlet cube some time ago and it was user friendly but I found just a couple of niggles with it. I now have the Omlet Cube Mark 2 and these niggles have all been addressed. The door is simpler, one tray to clean, plastic runners both inside for sleep and on the wider ladder, and a shutable door to the nesting box for nighttime. Very happy customer with very happy chickens.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

An excellent product - Robert,

The Cube MkII and run is without doubt the best chicken coop I have used. It can be dismantled in minutes for routine cleaning and the thought and experience which has gone into the design shines through. The material from which the Cube is made makes it so easy to remove dirt with just a suitable detergent and hosepipe. The droppings tray is easily emptied and I use a sheet of polythene on top of it which enables me to lift out the old absorbent material and droppings in one operation. The rear door and egg hatch fit perfectly and the latches easy to use and secure. The pop hole door is conveniently operated from outside the run which is a huge improvement on my wooden coops used previously. If you need to move the coop around as I do, then the optional wheel kit is a must as the whole coop and run can be moved by one person. (I needed three people to move my old wooden coop). I can think of only three features which I would design in if I had the opportunity: 1. A sliding tray for the floor of the nestbox area (similar to the droppings tray) would simplify the changing of the bedding material; 2. Dividers in the nest box area would help keep the bedding in place as when my chooks scratch around in there to make a nest, they invariably move all the bedding to one end and lay their eggs on the plastic floor; 3. Automation of the sliding door between the roosting area and nest box area (similar to the automated pop hole door already available) would prevent the risk of the chooks sleeping in the nest box. Were it not for those missing features I would have given a five star rating without question. However, even without those improvements, I would happily buy the product again.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Best purchase I have made! - Tracey,

Very helpful staff answering my queries via email before I ordered it and it arrived before the due delivery date, well packaged, I was concerned as it seemed a lot of money to spend on a hen house but I have not been disappointed, I needed something to keep my girls safe and secure should we be out at lock up time. My neighbour had always done this for us but they have moved house. The eglu is very well made and whilst it took us some hours to put up, we were very pleased. Cleaning it is a dream, I'm sure we won't be bothered with mite anymore. The auto door means I get a lie in and let the girls out of the run just before I leave for work and coax them back into the run with some corn when I get in. The first few weeks I still went out to check the door had closed correctly but I now have full confidence in it. We go on holiday soon and the real test will begin. They will stay in the run with my son just popping over once a day to check on food and water and collect any eggs.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Fantastic!! - Paul,

Amazing coop and run! I am a total newbie with chickens and wanted to give them and me, the best start. I was talked out of a traditional wooden coop, due to possible red mite infestation in the future and ongoing maintenance of wood. Omlet was the obvious choice, due to ease of cleaning. I wanted at least 4 chickens to start off, with a bit of extra room for them for comfort, so purchased the cube and 3m run, (adding another 1m extension to the order). Assembly took slightly longer than I expected, but I wanted to do it right first time. (The video made this easier than instruction manual alone). I also ordered the auto door & coop light at the same time to make fitting even easier. Everything fitted perfectly and the construction and strength of everything is brilliant. I believe that this is the best coop and run available, for ease of cleaning and anti predator protection. My 5 girls, (couldn’t resist another one), love their home and one has started to lay already. Her second egg was even a double yolker!! Since buying the cube, I have added a 32m run and a few extra Omlet accessories!!! Although expensive, the quality is excellent and will last for years. If you are just starting out, or a seasoned expert, this is an amazing investment for you and your girls !!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Happy with our purchase - Kim,

We are new chicken owners, having contemplated it for years, finding the Eglu coop cemented the decision for us. It answered my 3 concerns: predator proof, easy to clean, and (with the automatic door) easy care. I would highly recommend add the wheels so you can easily move the unit. We have 3 large sized hens, and could easily accommodate a 4th, which is about the max I think I'd have based on our run size (they only free range under supervision - see predator concerns above!). If they were free ranging the coop could easily fit more. All in all, I am thrilled with the ease of use of the Omlet coop and am looking forward to years of chicken keeping!

Verified Purchase: May 2020

Eglu - Stephanie,

Fab bit of kit. A little large for my two girls but they are very happy in it. Enough room for the telly & library.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2020

Secure, smart design and easy to clean. What’s not to like! - Charlotte, Isle of Wight ,

Having previously owned a second hand Omlet classic coop, I had an idea of what to expect with regards to design and build quality. I was looking for a coop that could house a few more hens, and provide the extra security by being off the ground. I love the way the nesting area is separate to the main part of the house, which you can shut off if needed. The removable droppings tray easily pulls out for cleaning, and the whole internal coop area can be accessed through the hatch to the rear. The run is strong and sturdy and provides my hens with the extra security I’m looking for against predators. I ordered the run handles, coop light and auto door opener as extras. I’ve been impressed with the build quality and built in enhanced security features, which is one of my main reasons for choosing Omlet houses over their competitors!

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Love it - Ann, Powys,

Great piece of kit - fabulous design, and well worth the money.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Love it - Gill,

This is our first hen house and I've spent two years researching all the options and dithering, with an ever growing list of 'must haves'. Finally opted for the Cube because we wanted plastic (to try and avoid red mite), and something that is easy to clean/with an attached run and raised above the ground for shelter/rodent management! The quality of the coop is great- and the wheels are an added bonus (already moved it about a bit). Rescue hens seem to love it- climbing the ladder from day one- it's been a big hit all round and very pleased with purchase.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2020

Love my Eglu Cube - Tori-, Pennsylvania,

I’m a new chicken mama and I just love my chickens. I did lots of research on housing and built a beautiful wooden coop expecting to house 8 full size and 6 bantam silkies inside. As they grew the two groups did not get along and for fear of injuries the bantam silkies needed their own home. That’s when I found Omlet and was intrigued. I kept researching and looking at them and read so many great reviews. So I took the chance to order one for the silkies. I totally love it and so do they! It was so easy to assemble and is so easy to move around with the wheels and now my yard isn’t getting completely destroyed from the chickens. The design is great, however in my opinion it should have a small hang on water and food container inside the coop for them to access if needed. Otherwise I think the design is awesome! I love the pull out dropping tray making it a breeze to clean. I also think it could benefit having a small perch inside for smaller birds that like to roost at night higher up and off the bottom roost bars, as I have a few that do under the coop in the day time. I couldn’t be happier with this coop and have been obsessed with lots of other products they have as well and I am finding myself on their site often.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

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