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So good I bought it twice! -

My first foray into chicken keeping, I was bedazzled by the array of hen houses available to me. I loved the traditional appearance of the wooden coops and it was a chance conversation with a relative who that made me decide on Omlet. A little space age in appearance, so soon got used to it and it blends in well. But that all cosmetic! The benefits: Easy to set up Very secure, with each component fitting perfectly Easy to keep clean Easy to move Designed to minimise the risk of parasite infestation I’m delighted with the coop and the hens love it too! They put themselves to bed as the sun goes down and all I need to do is shut the door! It’s carefully engineered to be safe, comfortable, both warm and cool, hygienic and easy to maintain. A very well made product.

Perfect for the job -

We decided to get the Eglu Cube after our wooden coop got redmite. We had read that a product like the Cube could help reduce the issues we had. Since we have had the Cube, we have not had a single issue with redmite. I really like the design and practicality of the Cube which was easy to construct and it is so easy to maintain and clean. We have the automatic door from Omlet too which makes life so much easier when it comes to the chickens going to roost and getting up in the morning. I can't praise the Cube enough and our chickens love it too.

Well thought out design -

The delivery of the cube was fantastic. Came earlier than we expected, which was great as we only found out that we would get our rescue hens a week in advance. The cube feels sturdy and we feel like the hens are safe in their run. It did take them a few days to figure out where to go and to navigate the stairs but within a week they had the hang of it. It is expensive but this is reflected in the quality and we expect it to last a long time. One thing to note while the assembly was ok on the whole we found those double clips to be very tough and difficult to close but hopefully we won’t need to do it again.

Easy to clean, safe from predators, and just the right size - New York,

I love my Eglu Cube set-up. This coop is so easy to clean, and my flock of 6 love it. I have the auto door and coop light, and I never worry about my chickens at night - this coop is like Fort Knox. I love the size of it and the way it looks. I am so happy I didn't get a wooden coop, the Eglu gives me peace of mind.

I love my Cube! - Kent,

I've had chickens for a few months now, and the Cube is so easy to clean. Every day I knock the poo off the roosting bars into the tray, give it a spray and wipe, and then change the newspaper in the tray. Once a week I take the bars and tray out and give them a good clean, and change the nesting material. I have 4 large hybrids and there's plenty of room. My Cube has the 2m run it came with attached to a 4x2m walk in run. They are pricey but worth it.

Build Instruction steps could be improved -

Overall we are happy with coop and the 9ft run, however the product design could be improved to allow the run to be added / removed to/from the coop without virtually having the coop entirely unassembled again especially when you have the auto door. It would also help to include extra screws as found 2 of the long ones were dud and some extra zip ties would have been helpful. In terms of the instructions we found steps could have been clearer in areas especially with regard to adding the plate brackets for the run to be fixed and stressing vital to join run at this point before going further building the coop!

Excelant -

The coop is excellent quality and the chickens love it. I also bought and fitted the coop light and the automatic door. The door works brilliant and I am considering a second one to fit to the inner door to stop the birds from sleeping in the laying area. The light could do with being on for 20 minutes before the door closes as it normally comes on after the chickens have gone to bed, I have fitted a motion light to help the birds settle. The perch I have fitted under the coop for the chickens to use whilst having some shade in the summer heat. The 2 metre perch is good quality and the two poles have a well made attachment to make the full length. The end connectors are good quality and easily attach to wooden posts or to the pen wire as long as it is a thick wire with little to no movement. Definitely recommend the coop, perch and the door.

Excellent chicken house -

Easy to move around and cleaning is so simple and very easy to do. My chicken love it!!

Fantastic -

What can I say, fantastic product, so easy to keep clean, highly recommended.

Top house -

A great piece of design. Easy to assemble and even easier to use. Really fit for purpose = happy hens.

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