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Great product, easy to assemble and cosy for the chickens! - Cheshire,

The product was easy to assemble and warmer for our chickens than their previous wooden coop. We're hoping it will be less likely to end up with red mites too - so far so good!

Great Coop! - QLD,

Bought the Eglu cube for my chickens and the automatic door. Both were easy to put together (on my own, without any help). My chickens love it, as I do. They have only used it for three nights, but have worked out how to go in the coop at night on their own. The cube is so very easy to clean, and the automatic door means that they will be safe from predators if I am late at night to lock them in their coop (that automatic door is a dream!). I will be buying the 2 m run so that I can control whether or not they start free ranging first thing in the morning. The only drawback is the price - I have saved for quite a long time to get them, but in my opinion this is totally worth it! for me and my chickens. I have two chickens, but I would not put any more than 4 personally. I contacted Omlet Australia three times by email, enquiring about the automatic door prior to purchase, etc, and my emails were promptly replied and answered. So far, I have only positive things to say about Omlet Australia.


So I have to say initially I was skeptical about the Cube - but then I know often in life you get what you pay for. So I began researching- I read on the Omlet site and all about Omlet the company. I read reviews and comparisons and watched all the Youtube videos I could find. I played devils advocate - I read the forums and bantered with current Cube owners, and past Cube owners...and the answer was always the same: The quality is amazing, the product is worth every cent, and the Company is a pleasure to work with. So I took the plunge! The packaging was exquisite! Who cannot smile unpacking a box with chickens on the outside? The boxes were sturdy. The contents were well protected. Again, that high quality. Presentation is definitely important and Omlet pulled out the stops in this area The assembly instructions are beautiful. The paper is heavy and the instructions worth keeping. They read well and Omlet definitely sends you plenty ( all boxes come with their own.)  There are also tons of videos to help and if worse comes to worse you can always call them.  In short Omlet delivers in packaging (exquisite!) and customer service – prompt, professional, patient, compassionate, and often humorous! They treat you like a king or queen, I was actually told how much they appreciated my purchase! ...

Eglu Cube -


Just do it! -

This coop is amazing! It is worth every penny and more. It is beyond easy to clean, sanitize, and move. My bird stay much warmer than the wood coops we used to use until our Omlet came along. Since purchasing, our hens have had zero respiratory issues, no mites/bugs, and no loss due to predators. I cannot day enough good things about it- just buy it!

Arrived Delivery Damaged -

Part of the run and the droppings tray arrived damaged. Replacements were sent out and the replacement droppings tray, once again was damaged. A third droppings tray is now en route!


Love my new purple chicken house , followed the instructions to build it which were lovely and clear , and most of all love the sliding door in the house which stops the grumpy cockerel pecking me when I get the eggs ????

Eglu cube -

I’ve had my eye on this for a while and I’ll admit the price put me off. However I have an eglu, walk in run and extension so I knew the quality would be great as would the build. Being off the floor gives my girls even more floor space and a perfect dry area for their dust bath. It’s also become their no one perch! Well worth the money, girls ( and guys) love it. Wish I’d bought it sooner.

best purchase ever! -

I have had my Eglu Cube with run and wheels over a year now, and I'm so happy with it. It's easy to clean, easy to move (even over uneven ground or a mild slope), and the hens figured out the ladder very quickly. Since I've installed the auto door, it's even more awesome. I've found the clear covers to be extremely useful in the rainy PNW. The insulation is awesome and my hens were comfortable even with snow last year. Thanks Omlet!

Awesome product -

This thing is great. I was hesitant to spend a thousand dollars on a chicken coop, but it has been worth every penny. It gets cleaned every day because it is so easy. Therefore, no smell at all and five very healthy chickens. Buy one. You won’t regret it

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