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Super Coop! - warwickshire,

This is a super coop! My chickens love the layout especially upstairs sleeping/laying and sheltered underneath space where they feel safe. As with both the Omlet coops I've had, cleaning and accessibility are brilliant. Really easy to keep an eye on everyone, perfect height. I only have one criticism - the wheels are not great for moving the coop. It's easy, if rather heavy, on totally flat grass BUT any kind of slight bump, little bit longer grass or slight undulation makes wheeling the coop really hard work. I needed a coop that I could move very easily but the size of the wheels and especially the clearance off the ground make this difficult. Omlet designs are so fab, I did expect a better wheeling system from them.

The Cube is a great upgrade! - Illinois,

I live in Chicago, IL and, when I first got into backyard chickens, I was gifted with an Eglu Go Up. I had a great time with the Go Up and I highly recommend it for anyone just getting into the hobby who isn't keen to make a major daily time commitment: while assembling the attached fencing can be a bit tricky, the coop itself is extremely easy to setup and maintain on a daily basis. At any rate, I liked my Go Up so much that when I decided to use some of my recent pandemic downtime to upgrade my run and grow my flock a bit, investing in the Cube and the automatic door seemed like a no-brainer. I am extremely happy with the Cube. I have been pleasantly surprised to find that it is even easier to install and maintain than the Go Up, and that's really saying something, considering how easy the Go Up is to manage. In fact, the design of the Cube is so refined that the thing practically manages itself and my daily maintenance time for my flock of 10 is, at this point, five minutes or fewer. Beyond the time savings, I also find that the partition between the roosting bit and the nesting bit helps me save on pine shavings. In the Go Up, the birds nest and roost in the same area with the ultimate consequence that the nesting medium needs to be changed every day. With the Cube, however, the partition in the middle keeps the birds out of the nesting part at night (which prevents them from soiling it) and thus requires less frequent changing. At any rate, the Cube is great. I find that it is one of the rare purchases one makes that not only meets expectations, but manages to exceed them in unanticipated ways over time.

Really well designed. -

This is a really excellent product, well made and an ingenious design. It was easy to put together. The instruction book is clear and comprehensive, similar to the ones that come with IKEA products in fact. The little door between the sleeping area and the nest box is a neat feature as it keeps the nest box clean. Our hens have taken to it very quickly and seem to be very happy with it.

Cube 2 -

Great for the chickens easy to clean

Very pleased with my coop -

Very easy to assemble and move around. I ordered the handles to move it around my yard. Have not received them yet. I think the handles should come with the tractor kit. That’s the only reason I gave it 4 stars.

Upgrade from Classic to Cube Mk2 - Oxfordshire,

Excellent product well worth the money. Hens easily adapted to the stairs. Nice to have clean eggs.

Very happy with product & cost effective over long term -

Eglu arrived very promptly. Relatively easy construction. Chickens took to it very quickly. Friend who has mk1 thought improvements on mk2 were 'spot on'. Very happy. Had previously used wooden hen houses but this a lot more practical and based over the longer term (friend's use of mk 1) a more cost effective option albeit greater initial outlay . Thank you.

Why didn't I buy the Eglu Cube before ? - Worcestershire ,

What an absolutely amazing product ! I wish I had bought the Cube initially instead of struggling with a traditional wooden ark. The cube itself was easy to put together and the booklet gave clear instructions. I choose the package with wheels so that the Cube can be moved around easily.....and yes it does move easily ! The run ( which we added an extension to) was a little more fiddly to put together but not difficult and the whole family got together to do it. I can now move my cube and the run easily to new areas in the paddock. I am very impressed with the structure and steadiness of it and I know that my chickens have a really good space to wander around when I am not around to let them have freedom of the whole field. They can stretch and flap and find shelter or sunshine. It is easy to clean and it is dry ( our wooden ark leaked and got very damp during downpours of rain) Now the bedding stays fresh and because they use the roosting bars, the nesting box stays clean. I really can't recommend this enough. I am delighted that I now am able to offer such good welfare standards to my chickens - and they are genuinely much happier. I am just about to invest in an automatic door and light. Thank you Omlet.....it does everything you promised !

Eglu Cube Mk2 -

Really easy to assemble, even by myself. The hens seem happy in it. Downside so far is the ladder, it seems quite steep and my hens won’t go up or down it, they just fly in and out as if it wasn’t there, I think I will need to add some sort of solid ramp over the top.

My hens are extremely happy (and so am I) -

My Cube arrived on time. A bit daunting watching all those cardboard boxes arrive - make sure you've got a use for the empties, or a handy recycling centre. Lucky for me it was a fine day and I had the space to lay out the many componrnt parts. I found the instructions quite clear and it took me about four hours (including tea breaks) to construct. The result is a very handsome looking poultry palace. Very functional, easy to maintain and to keep clean. There was a slight issue with a broken part but Omlet's excellent customer service put me at my ease and supplied a new part by return of post. The 'chooks' have the run of a paddock during the day but are very happy to return at dusk - when they are locked in their run. There is more than enough room for my six ladies. If I kept more I would have to extend the two metre run. But that would prevent me from being able to wheel the whole assembly to 'pastures new' quite so easily. On the whole the experience of buying my first Cube has been a satisfying one. The Cube is undeniably expensive, but in my opinion is worth every penny.

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