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Eglu Go Up and Eglu Go - Jean, Wiltshire,

Why haven't I purchased these before. I purchased a Go Up for my chickens was so impressed I purchased Eglu Go for my Campbell ducks and they love it. It has made my life so much easier for cleaning out and moving around.

Love it! - Dee,

My girls love the Egglu and lay everyday since we bought it. Only wish it had air vents in the top as it gets quite warm in Summer. Fantastic product, well worth the expense!

- David,

This is the best chicken coop I have ever seen! I purchased one years ago and it is still just like new. It also weathered 28" of snow with no problems also the ginger nut ranger chickens were the best I ever raised. Plan on getting the cube one next. I just want to say again that I purchased mine years ago and it is still in use today! Very impressed.

Excellent purchase - Emma,

This is such an easy hen house to keep clean and the chickens love it! It takes me just a few minutes to pull out the tray and dispose of waste. It's a lot more hygienic and looks tidier in the garden.

Review - Barbara,

So far I am pleased with my purchase

Fantastic service! - Ryan, Armagh,

Was dispatched and delivered extremely quick almost within 24 hours! So far everything with the coop seem great and is a solid design.

Amazing - Hassan, Buckinghamshire,

To start with I wanted a taste of the country, so I decided I wanted to own chickens, i remembered my friend who had chickens and said he had a omlet classic, this was around 4-5 years back and I remembered him saying it was 100% fox proof. So I decided to have a look on the websites and after carful thought I choose this one. I saw wooden coops for half the price but then you have to buy the treatmeants and maintain it each 6months it was a lot of hard work. And the omlet eglu go is .... just simple. I built it my self, took me around 2 hours to do with the 2m run. I love it and so do my 4 chickens thank you!!!! Maybe in my next house... I will get the bee hive

Egg-static about my Eglu Go - Louise, Devon,

I'm very happy with my Eglu Go chicken coop and 2m run. It was quite easy to assemble although I'm in my 60's - struggled a little to attach coop to hutch - the quality is excellent and the product looks good in the garden. The added free extras - bowls and shade cover - are a nice touch. Would have liked an easy way to detach run from hutch for extra cleaning and for moving chicks into shed on cold nights - maybe an idea for future product development...? Also purchased the plastic all weather cover which is robust and does the job well. I would 100% recommend this product.

Omlet chicken house and run - Loveday,

Looks lovely and was straight forward to assemble except the clips that fitted three ways. I wish it was easier to separate the run from the house. We haven't needed to use the house and run, but bought it for emergencies as we had inherited some badly hen pecked hens.

- Fiona,

Eglu Go Up bought to house 3 bantams and on the whole satisfactory apart from the inner grey section which quickly became very dirty and difficult to clean. I don't expect to have to clean out more than once a week! We replaced this part with a smaller wooden frame, higher off the floor and with four roosting bars with better separation, which we made ourselves.This makes life much easier and rather more hygienic.

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