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Eglu to Go - An Omleteer,

I have been farly pleased with the house and run. My chickens came from a life of free range living, previously my mother's pets. They took a while to settle down in a more restricted space. They had also been sleeping on a higher perch at night so tend to sleep in the nesting area if they can as there is little definition between the roosting bars and the nest bit. My only criticism would be to place the roosting bars higher above the poo collection tray so the hens never have to sit in their poo when it drops through the bars onto a very restricted surface. And maybe to place a small rim around the nest box so they can't scrape every bit of bedding all over the house! I am trying to teach my ladies to behave but feel I am on a losing battle! I am also investing in a run system as I value my garden plants but want to give the ladies more freedom.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2015

construction - An Omleteer,

My new chicken house arrived, albeit a day early, but all the pieces were there! It took about an hour to put together but was quite easy to follow the instructions. The only really hard bit was fitting the plastic clips onto the run. They were very stiff and needed gloves to do it. Otherwise no complaints. It is all set up and ready to receive its first tenants!

Verified Purchase: Jan 2010

eglu go - An Omleteer,

Fantastic product and service from Omlet all round!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2010

Better than the Eglu??? - An Omleteer,

Fairly easy to put together (think my inability to follow instructions didn't help!). Having the door on the side makes cleaning the run so much easier. Think I actually prefer this to the Eglu? Only negative would be the new style feeder...chickens don't seem to like putting their heads in it and have refused to use it.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2020

Eglu plus chickens - An Omleteer,

Eglu is great - looks great and feels secure. I do feel that I can leave the chickens in the run without the worry of foxes. Delivery and set up was very helpful. Chickens - really friendly, and huge amounts of fun. We would definitely recommend Eglu's and Omlet

Clucking great! - An Omleteer,

The whole end to end service was great and the end product is just fantastic. These were bought as a gift for my husband and we have fallen in love with our chickens immediately. They are just the best. They make us smile every time we look at them. The Eglu looks cool and it is extremely easy to clean. We were a bit worried about foxes (as one lives at the end of the garden), but so far so good..... the run seems to be fox proof!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2009

Eglu Go - An Omleteer,

Fantastic product and the chickens are great fun. I would highly recommend this for a first time chicken keeper as everything you need is delivered to your door with expert advice.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2020

Eglu - An Omleteer,

i brought this for my wife for Christmas as she has been wanting chickens for years. It was a great surprise for her and we are really impressed with the simplicity of the product and how well designed it is for ease of feeding and cleaning. The service has been great and the chap who delivered and set everything up was great. All we need now are our first eggs!!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2009

Eglu GO - An Omleteer,

Very impressed first timers to chicken keeping so easy to use and maintain very good build quality.

Verified Purchase: May 2014

Eglu Go - An Omleteer,

We bought this Eglu for keeping chickens in a school. The design makes it easier for cleaning out than the eglu classic, although it does not look quite as groovy! So far, the chickens seem happy, so we are!

Verified Purchase: May 2011

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