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Awesome - Laura,

Love the Eagle coop even though it took a few months to get everything it was well worth it!. Easy to clean, and the coop kept cool in the hot summer months here in Florida. Great purchase!

Easy Move - Laura,

Love the wheel set. Easy to move my Coop even with the extension on it!

Great, easy to fit - Emily,

Does what it says on the tin. Easy to fit - managed it on my own in a couple of hours but if I'd had help it would have been a lot quicker! Nothing wrong with the product, but having the extra 1m on the Eglu Go Up does make it harder to move around the garden (but that's because I have a small new build type garden and the strength of a kitten.... :-)

Amazing! - Bayley,

I've had the eglu go up for 2 years now. It is amazing how easy it is to clean. Also its really convenient to move around in the garden, and there is plenty of space for the girls in the run.

Pretty good - Thelma,

Fairly easy to construct but do read all the instructions before starting. The door to the nesting area isn't hinged and falls off unless supported. If the eglu and run are on an uneven or sloping surface, it can be tricky to close the back door and align the run gates to slip the security pins in place. However it is easy to move to fresh patches of ground and I am confident it is as near fox proof as possible which was the point of buying this set-up.

Why buy anything else - Jasmine, South Yorkshire,

Really, I have used wooden coops for a while but then saw these whilst browsing the net. I just wish I had found them before purchasing the wooden ones. These are amazing and so easy to clean out. I bought 4 with stands and this helps keep the coops off the ground and so makes it much harder for any predator to get in them and is also kind on the lower back. The hens and rooster appear much happier and the hens are laying so many more eggs. The plastic makes it sooooo easy to clean them out so where it took me hours upon hours to clean 4 wooden coops, I have clean all the 4 Eglu Go units in just over 1 hour. The rear access door allows you to slide out the entire bottom of the unit straight into a bag, bin or wheel barrow. The perch bars just need a scrap, wash and disinfectant spraying before they easily slide back into the unit. The easy of assembling them was rather a surprise as most of the other coops I have purchased have been like something off Krypton factor but who ever designed the Eglo Go had thought everything through. The door access for the hens is easily clamped open and extremely secure when shut. The opening of the door requires you to turn a knob on the top of the unit so it cannot be accidentally opened. The frames which the Eagle Go sit on is sturdy and can easily adapted if you decide to opt for the wheels at a later date. The frames is heavily powder coated so I would be difficult for the weathering to get to the internal frame components. I haven't got web cameras in mine but there are 2 locations inside them if you wish to have them installed. I would not go anywhere else for more coops as the style of this unit works perfectly.

Very good - Linda,

Really well made, easy to put up Hens took to it straight away , although one of them likes it so much she has gone broody!

Very good - Frances,

It was easy and quite quick to extend our existing run and it’s great for them to have more space when we are not around. Really pleased

Hen House Heaven - Jasmine, South Yorkshire,

After moving from wooden coops to these amazing coops, my hens have been so much happier and laying eggs more frequently. So easy to put together with clear instructions. A well thought out design. Wood was ok but this design is so much easier to maintain. All they need is a cloth and detergent. No need for mite powder or a brush for the corners. Now have 4 of these and the first thing that everyone talks about when they see them.

Igloo go up - Susan, Berkshire ,

I absolutely love this igloo so easy to clean being 64 with a bad back the no bending is everything about it and my hens are very happy would recommend this to anyone looking for a no hassle hen house forget the others worth the money

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