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Love my coop! - Torfaen,

I upgraded from an Eglu classic to an Eglu Go Up in February and can only say this has been an investment. It's easy to clean, no more bending down and removing fiddly keys etc. I keep four pekin bantams and the nest is big enough for 2 to share if they want to lay at the same time. The ladder grips are an excellent feature due to my girls feathered feet and they seem to be happier up off the ground, as the coop is raised no nasty rodents can burrow under the coop and the feeder is well covered to enable the girls to feed. I have even been able to plant herbs to benefit the girls around the coop and make it into a real feature of the garden, I wish I had bought it sooner. Love it!

Excellent well made and designed product -

Having recently purchased an Omlet Go-Up coop and run I now have 3 young Warren breed hens who are laying 3 eggs each day! This is my second go at keeping hens. Previously I had a wooded ark hen house which although well made was not a patch on my Omlet. The whole set up is so well designed and easy to keep clean. The hens seem to love it and are a joy to observe.

Great coop - Somerset,

We have now had our coop for 6 years, still looks very good and chickens seem to like it.


I have several GO UPs, they are so easy to clean out. much easier to collect eggs from than a coop on the floor. Loads of space inside and safe and comfortable for my chickens


I have bought several stands for my GO . It makes it much easier to reach in to clean and collect eggs. It also gives more floor space for the chickens to run around

Awesome Product - CHESHIRE,

I’ve been keeping hens for about 10 years, I finally got an Eglu for Christmas a couple of years ago as my Christmas present and I just love the fact that it’s so easy to clean, every week it gets jet washed inside and out / I’ll never go back to a wooden coop and would never recommend them after a red mite infestation. This product has so many benefits for owners and girls alike, it’s warm in winter, easy to clean, there’s enough space inside, you can move it around the lawn if you get the wheels too. There’s not a single thing not to love about it.

Amazing chicken coop -

I don't know who lives this coop more me or my chickens. It's so easy to build, clean and move around and allows the freedom to add on and enjoy more features with your chickens. We started off with 2 chickens in a go up and now have 5 between 2 coops which we have joined together. Amazing product that I would definitely recommend.

Great product -

This is a gr8 product . Although it seems expensive I still think it’s good value for the money .its gr8 in all weathers . Easy to put together and def fox proof . Very easy to clean . This product will last a lifetime and it’s easy to extend . Definitely recommend this product . Just to add I have tried other hen houses I found this the better value .

The extension is fantastic for our 2 hens. -

After purchasing the Eglu go up with wheels and being so happy with it, we decided to give the girls more room when enclosed. The extension was easy to assemble and attach. We are so happy with it for a variety of reasons; As the hens begin to lay, we can keep them in the run until they lay around mid morning in the nest, without hunting for eggs in the garden or worring about them being cramped. The extension allows more time between moving the Eglu as the droppings are not concentrated in one area. We find the hens are more relaxed when we must leave the in the run all day, especially as winter approaches and foxes become more hungry. Finally the extension adds a little more weight to the setup and stability is increased, even in 50km wind gusts, as we had a night ago. Thank you Omlet for great service, Geoff and Helen

Eglu Up with 2m run and 1m extension -

Our 2 girls seem very happy with their new home, thought Marjorie was a little concerned about going up the steps to start with but no problems now (although she isn't very lady like coming down the steps, just goes down the first one then jumps!!) Easy to collect eggs and very easy to keep clean.

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