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Great Mobile Chicken House - Mary,

I love it the mobility and light weight. I have been using it as a way to clear new garden beds of grass and weeds as well as fertilizing the soil. Besides the chickens are never short on bugs and are entertained with their new surroundings.

Overall great little pen especially now I've added nest area - Heather,

I bought this package for my 2 hens having always had wooden pens. It's great to clean particularly easy to access but I was a bit annoyed the eggs kept getting dirty. For overnight the hens bums overhung the nest area and messed in the nest area. Solution was to put in a plastic mini shallow garden trug secured with bugee cords and now I have clean eggs laid in clean straw!

Great Coop - Mary,

Although it took time to put together, it was well worth it. I live in the country, and nothing can get through the cage. My hens are safe and healthy.

Overall pleased - not as solid or well finished as classic eglu - Richard,

Not my first eglu and had high hopes having been impressed with my two previous classic eglus. Needed something bigger and went for the Go Up. Easy to put together and pleased with how the run and house fit together but disappointed with how rickety it feels e.g. the rear door misaligns easily preventing closure and also isn’t hinged so falls off easily especially if my son opens it. Also disappointed by marketing pictures that don’t more honestly show the prominent white casting dots on the side. Only visible from different angles and photos. I had to call up as I thought it was a rogue batch and was redirected to further pictures that do indeed show it. We have four bantums in ours and they seem happy in it but struggle to locate nest box as it is quite open and the straw can get knocked out. They also struggle with the ladder for some reason.

Eggcellent! - Pam,

Love this coop! Keeps my 2 girls safe and secure. Very easy to clean and looks great in my garden. Eglu Go and stand easy to put together- did it on my own. The run a little more difficult but not too bad. The instructions also give fabulous tips on chicken keeping!

Fabulous! - Pam, Teesside ,

My Eglu Go Up was delivered on Wednesday - very fast delivery! The coop was fairly easy to put together, the run, however was a little more difficult. Once erected its fabulous! Got my 2 girls today (16 were grower hybrids) and they settled immediately! Were only in the coop/ run 3 hours and put themselves to bed! Obviously happy with their new home! Thank you Omlet for a wonderful addition yo my garden!

Omlet egup - Dawn,

OMG!!! Love, love, love this gorgeous chicken house and run. We have had chickens for over 25 years and hubby has always done a Heath Robinson and built 'quaint' and 'quirky' houses. I can tell you now, the chickens are so much happier in their new home. Warm, easier to keep clean, comfortable and super stylish. I cannot believe that we have waited so long to treat our hard-working chickens to what they deserve xx

Love It - Leanne,

A bit fiddly to put together but then, I'm not good with plans. Works well and looks good.

Brilliant Product - Barbara,

We purchased an Eglu coop for our three hens, as their old wooden ark was showing it's age, and the maintenance was so time consuming. This coop is easy and quick to clean, and the girls settled in very quickly. We are delighted with our purchase.

Hard to build - Polly,

The quality is great, but it was very hard to assemble...especially the run.

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