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Hard to build - Polly,

The quality is great, but it was very hard to assemble...especially the run.

New house for my girls! - Judy,

I had a huge mite problem with my wooden ark, I was using insecticide on my girls and on the ark too, using dust baths and cleaning them out properly several times a week so I moved on the Eglu Go up, it is so easy to assemble, to clean and easily homes 4 chickens AND I haven’t seen a mite since and even though they are older girls they’ve started laying again, win win!! We dismantled the old wooden ark last week and in every join, nook and cranny there were millions of the little blighters (mites not chickens!) it’s not surprising I couldn’t keep them under control!! I’m sure the Eglu Go Up won’t be 100% perfect next summer when mite breeding season takes off again but I’m confident it’ll be 98%!! Absolutely delighted, thank you.

Cute and safe from predators - Joan,

I like the design of both the coop and the run.

4 stars as squire difficult to erect - Carolyn,

Not as easy as basic English to erect luckily my son in law put in up for me. Would be a good idea for Omlet to have that Capability

Delighted with purchase - Maggie,

Decided to invest in a new coop and went for this plastic one. My old wooden one had started to rot, and was a pain to keep clean and free of red mite. This plastic one is really strong and well made, and so easy to keep clean. The stand makes it easy to access, and the chickens have settled in well and actually lay where they should, instead of all over the garden. very pleased with the product.

Go up wheels - Diana,

The wheels are a fantastic addition to the go up enabling it to be moved round my lawn easy. It is much easier to moved than i expected, i also purchased the handles but its so easy to move i havent fitted them. Even with a 3m run and wind sheilder fitted, its great.

A++ - Rachelle,

Great product, easy to put together and chickens love it!!

Congratulations Omlet on a fine product. - Brenda,

I bought the eglu-go-up chicken coop for my husband and his chickens. He says it's well made, easy to clean out and saves time, giving him more time to spend with his chickens

Fabulous coop! Wish I had several more - Lynne, Florida,

I got the Eglu and 2m run for 6 bantam chickens. It is well-made, sturdy, insulated, easy to clean, and goes nicely in the garden! The chickens like it and I am thrilled that they are happy, snug in their new coop and safe from predators! Thank you so much for your great design.

Overpriced - Daniel,

This is a very good setup. My problem is that , being made in China, it is way overpriced. If I was rating on customer service only I would give 5 stars as customer service is the best.

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