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Great Coop -

I love this coop. Super easy to put together. I did it myself without any help. Easy to operate and clean. Safe from intruders. Very nice to look at. I love it and I'm sure my Chickens do too.

Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop Wheel Set -

The wheel set was easy to assemble & fix to the Omlet Eglu Go Up Chicken Coop. They make the whole Coop & run so easy to manoeuvre & move around, with just one person. Well worth purchasing!

Eglu Go Up -

It is well made and designed for moving and cleaning. I was looking for a new coop that had wheels and wouldn’t hurt my back when I cleaned it. This is working!

Fantastic urban coop -

Easy to move, easy to clean, and the chickens love it (so do I!). Having a movable house & run is great because then we don't wind up with a chicken mud pit in our medium size urban backyard. The chickens appreciate being on grass. We kept the two chickens in the run full time when they first moved outdoors (we have the 9 foot version), and now that they are larger, they have the whole yard. We can put them in the run if we are going out close to their bedtime so we know they are safe and sound. Highly recommend.

Backyard chickens made easy! -

The Eglu Go Up coop with run and wheels is a the perfect package deal for new chicken owners. I was enticed to buy because of the promise of low maintanence and high durability. I was not disappointed! The coop has passed the tests of hungry foxes, my children, and lots of chicken poop. 10 minutes daily with an extra 5 minutes once a week to change the pine shavings keeps the coop looking like new. An occasional inspection and replacement of the clips keeps the foxes out, and the chickens find their home at bedtime no matter where we move it in the yard. I highly recommend the Eglu Go Up with run and wheels package.

Easy and Safe -

Love the Omlet Chicken coop!

Easiest chicken coop to clean -

I live in a pretty harsh climate and was looking for a chicken coop that was not only sturdy and would last, but would be easy to clean. The Omlet Eglu is that coop. It’s easy to assemble, easy to move around, easy to clean and the chickens are secure and warm. No need to worry about fox’s, skunks or raccoons.

Perfect for my small urban garden -

The Eglu Go-Up looks great in my small, urban garden, and my two chickens are very happy in it. It is well designed and well made. The coop and extension are very functional. It is very easy to keep clean. I love the shade, rain and extreme weather accessories as well as the feed and water bowls. This coop is a perfect solution for chicken-keeping in a small garden.

We Love Our Coop! - Florida,

The Eglu Go up is the perfect coop for our four chickens. So easy to clean, and the chickens love it! We are so happy we found Omlet and frequently come back to buy additions and new products! Thank You!

Great bit of kit -

Really pleased with this item so much so that we are thinking of adding more sections. Very straightforward to assemble. Clear instructions. Our only quibble was that the courier company would not give any indication of the time they might deliver the product. This would have been helpful.

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