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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Run Extension Kit A

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Extra room - An Omleteer,

Although I only have 3 girls i feel happier that they have the extra space for when we can't let them free range.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2009

Good product - An Omleteer,

This is a great addition to the eglu and was very easy to fit. The chicks love the extra room. The only downside was that my delivery instructions were not followed and this caused some problems. The product itself is great though.

Verified Purchase: Aug 2009

Run converter - An Omleteer,

Very easy to fit, especially with the fab new clips. My girls seem very happy with it also!

Verified Purchase: Nov 2015

Fab.. - An Omleteer,

It's really good! Adds space and makes me feel more better about leaving them in the run for part of the day.. Great little buy even though you can make your own extension it won't be as good as the real thing! Fab..

Verified Purchase: Nov 2009

Run Converter - An Omleteer,

Same quality as the rest of the original run but because of the size it does feel a bit more flimsy. Functions as it should!

Verified Purchase: Oct 2020

more space - An Omleteer,

We have a lot of foxes in our area and this has been great to give our girls a bit of extra space.

Verified Purchase: Nov 2008

Its a shame there is no door access - An Omleteer,

Hi Omelet, Can you put a side door on these runs? Having a door right at the end of the run makes it impossible to clean the chicken run. Our chicken run is fix to a specific spot as we do not have the luxury of space. Thanks v much! Pei

Well worth the money - An Omleteer,

I bought this as our chickens stay in the run permanently. The extra space makes the run significantly more spacious and it's a good value addition to the eglu. As it's straight and the other pieces of the run are angled, it's a bit of a fiddle to get a good fit, and we did find that we needed to anchor the run to the ground with stones. A few more clips would have been helpful too. But all in all I'm very pleased with this product.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2009

Run converter - An Omleteer,

An ideal way to give the hens more space but still hang on to the excellent Eglu.

Verified Purchase: Mar 2020

Happier Girls! - An Omleteer,

Since we had a visit from the fox at 1pm in the afternoon I have been concerned for my girls safety, they have been in there run a lot more and getting this extension has made it all the more pleasant for them.I think its a must with 3 hens and I wish I had bought it first time round.

Verified Purchase: Oct 2013

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