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Reviews for Eglu Classic Run Extension Kit A

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Run converter - An Omleteer,

Does what it says on the tin - only slight critcism is that I could have done with a few more clips. Otherwise perfect!

Useful space - An Omleteer,

Compared to the cost of setting up an Eglu, the converter is excellent value for money. It must increase the run area by about 60% meaning more room for four girls, and less wear and tear on the lawn. The extended run and Eglu is just as manoueverable as with the basic run. Moving it all feels a bit brutal, but the trick seems to be to lift the end up by the sides (not the door panel)so that the skirt is off the ground and then pull. So far it seems to be standing up well to this rough treatment. The girls have gotten quite used to these moves, and are not at all fazed now (a few worried squawks at first). They learn very quickly to run with the move. If I didn't have a big lawn to move it all around on I'd almost certainly consider getting some more run extensions. After all, it is a hobby not a business!

Chicken run! - An Omleteer,

Fantastic product, easy to assemble and well worth the money! (glad that I saved the spare clips from the initial installation as there weren't that many with the converter)

Shame about the box................. - An Omleteer,

I am overall very happy with this product, but the box had been kicked around a lot. I almost rejected it.

Excellent Addition - An Omleteer,

We wish we'd bought this at the outset instead of a week after we got our 3 hens. Plenty of space for them as they are in the run the majority of the time and only free-range under supervision, when we can manage it.

Run converter - An Omleteer,

Only criticism is that this came with no fitting instructions. It fits well once it is on the right way around, but wasn't obvious which way this was. A few brief instructions could have saved us time and frustration!

Run converter (inc. clips) - An Omleteer,

I found the extra space useful for my 4 Omlet chickens. Easy to assemble. Still movable around the garden reasonably easily (with a person at either end) just a little more cumbersome.

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