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Verified Reviews for Eglu Classic Run Extension Kit A

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Extension Kit A + B - Fiona,

Having the two extenstion kits has been a huge addition to the already neat Eglu system not only to the lives of the three hens who have a fantastic area now to potter around in when they have to stay enclosed for a day or even a weekend, but also to our peace of mind being away knowing they have space and are safe. The two kits were very easy to put together after just a few minutes of head-scratching it became very obvious! And what a wonderful invention the clips are. The sale price made the kits even more attractive! Thank you for this excellent product!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2013

great for giving my girls some extra space - Tom,

This is a must have item if you want to keep your chickens inside the run for any time. I also strongly recommend the all weather cover and netting!

classic eglu run extension - Geraldine,

We are very pleased with the run extension easy to fit very fast delivery we bought A + B so now our three chicks have 4m to roam in safe and sound from the fox that lives next door while we are out.

Verified Purchase: Dec 2014

fab! - Helena,

much happier chickens now with lots more space, thanks Omlet again ;)

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

eglu run extensions A and B - O'connor,

very pleased with the service and the products. Our chickens now have a long, 4metre journey from the eglu to their exit into our garden. They are only confined to the run when we are nor around. Thanks

Verified Purchase: Mar 2012

good and easy extra space - Gabe,

easy to fit and gives our 2 chickens a good deal of extra run space (which we are keeping them in after a fox killed the previous 3 chickens while in the Omlet moveable fence - which is also good but not at all foxproof). It would be expensive at the full price but at the sale price it is OK.

Verified Purchase: Jun 2011

Excellent - Alison,

As i was getting 3 chickens i decided to order the extension with my eglu. My chickens free range in the evenings but are in the run most of the day,so gives them abit more space.

Verified Purchase: Jul 2014

run extension - Lesa,

bought this as i have 9 growing chicks! i needed more room for them until some go bk to the the farm! didnt have instructions but dont need any was very quick and easy to join to the run! give my chickens lots of extra space yet doesnt look that big !!?

Verified Purchase: Oct 2019

Just the job! - David,

Fitted onto the existing run easily. Make sure you have a good long flat area though. One of my three Black Stars used to get quite badly tail-pecked when I had to leave them in the standard run. Now they have the extension they all get on happily.

Verified Purchase: Feb 2018

run extension - Juliet,

Just what we need! Easy to install, and gives our chucks some extra space. We have lots of foxes in the garden - evidence every morning right outside the coop! - and no sign of an attempted break-in as yet!!

Verified Purchase: Jun 2012

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